Feandrea Cat Trees – Awesome Cat Trees to buy online

We talk a lot about retailers and custom cat tree makers, but I decided it was time to do a little more research into one of the most popular cat tree brandsFEANDREA. Feandrea is a brand of cat trees available very widely, and we’ve often featured their cool cat furniture here on the CatTrees blog. Today, the spotlight is on them, and the cat trees they produce.

Feandrea is a German company, established in 2011. In 2014 they opened up a warehouse and office space in the US, and now they sell their products on Amazon, too. Their focus is on creating high-quality cat trees and other types of pet products, such as pet carriers and beds. In fact, they create custom designs for companies around the world! But – in case you hadn’t noticed – we really love cat trees around here, so we’re focusing on that product! (Maybe our blog name: https://cattrees.ca gave that away! Ha!)

Here, then, are some of our favourite (and highest ranking) Feandrea cat trees.

47.2″ Grey Feandrea Cat Tree with 2 Kitty Condos/caves

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower, Scratching Posts, 47.2 Inches, Smoky Gray UPCT80G
$115.99 with FREE Shipping
  • Features 2 kitty condos/caves for your cats – ideal for a multi-cat household!
  • Reinforced base plate provides an extra sturdy environment for your cat to play on. We really love these types of cat trees with super-sturdy construction and foundations. Then even larger cats won’t feel scared to jump up on the cat tower!
  • Nicely padded top perch – an ideal little spot for your favorite feline to hang out and scope out all that’s going on in his indoor world.
  • Additional perches in a staircase-like design that makes it easy for cats to get up to the top perch; or just hang out on one of the other perches.
  • Cat hammock on the side – a perfect spot for your buddy to curl up and nap.
  • 4.5/5 star rating

Feandrea 67″ Multi-level cat tree for LARGE CATS with Cat Caves, perches and scratching posts

FEANDREA 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Smoky Gray UPCT18G
$199.99 with FREE Shipping
  • An awesome indoor playground for cats! Just look at all that fun stuff on this cat tree!
  • Sturdy base makes this a safe piece of cat furniture for your pets.
  • Angled scratching post AND plenty of sisal-covered posts for your cat to scratch on to their hearts’ content!
  • 3 large, cozy perches on the top of this tree allows all the cats in your household to have a place to hang out, or nap.
  • 2 different cat caves/condos which provides the ultimate place for your cat to hide or sleep. (Nervous cats in particular will appreciate these – they can scurry away and hide and feel safe when they need to.)
  • Solid 5/5 star rating! One of my favourite customer comments was: “Sturdy, heavy enough for my cats to play on…plus, only needs 1 tool to put it together!”
  • Note: One comment mentioned that it wasn’t big enough for a 19-lb Maine Coon cat – that his extra large cat was still a bit too big for the perches. Just a warning in case you have a cat that large.

Feandrea Large Cat Tree/Tower with Large Cat Condo and Extra-large top perch

FEANDREA Large Cat Tree Tower Condo with Fluffy Plush Perch, Basket Lounger and Cuddle Cave, UPCT02W
$179.99 with FREE Shipping
  • Sturdy base, so even large cats can jump on this cat tree and have fun.
  • Cool angled scratching post AND tunnel on the main floor (haha)
  • The second floor of this gorgeous cat property has an EXTRA-LARGE cat condo/cave for larger cats to snuggle up in. (One customer review said that even her very large ragdoll boy cat was able to fit in this, no problem!) So, maybe we’ve finally discovered a really good cat tree for BIG cats!
  • Side cat hammock
  • Plush top perch, which often ends up being the cat’s very favourite place to be!
  • 4.5/5 star rating.

After our fun journey through the land of fun furniture for cats, we’ve discovered a few Feandrea cat trees that we think are just awesome! Of much greater importance, of course, is that your cat pal will think it’s awesome. We love our pets so much, and providing them with a fun indoor cat playground makes us feel great. That way we know they have a place all their own to play, scratch, nap and observe their indoor world.

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