Oakville cat trees – Amazing cat furniture in Ontario, Canada

Oakville, Ontario is a beautiful town in Ontario, located in the Halton region – right between Toronto and Hamilton. It’s also famous for recently having been named ‘the Best Place to live in Canada.’ So, we just know that if it’s such an awesome place to live, that its awesome residents will also have the best pets known to man – cats! And if they have beloved pet cats, they need to know where to find cat trees to keep their pet pals active and happy.

So, today we went on a hunt to find the best places to buy cat trees in Oakville, Ontario. There are local spots and pet stores, plus we also did some research to find the best online cat trees that you can order right from the comfort of your couch. Perfect! Now, let’s get started! Please feel free to invite your cat to snuggle near you as you shop for their new piece of cool cat furniture…

Pet Stores in Oakville

We’ll start with pet stores, as these are familiar spots that – as a pet owner – you probably are already familiar with. Many local and national pet stores carry cat trees, kitty condos, cat beds and other pieces of cat furniture that enhance the life of your pet. We were quite pleased to find a couple of locally owned and operated pet stores to tell you about, where you can find some cat furniture.

Ren’s Pets Oakville (Ontario)

Ren’s Pets is located at 4002 Trafalgar Road, Oakville Ontario, L6H 7B7. As of the time of this posting, you’ll need to wear face masks when you visit the store, as per municipal COVID-19 safety restrictions. They also give a warning that some items are back ordered because of the pandemic, so to please be patient.

As far as cat trees go, Ren’s carries a few different types of cat trees – selection will vary. They also carry scratching posts and cat beds. I would definitely call ahead and check what type of cat trees they currently have in stock before heading out.

PaulMac’s Pets Oakville (Pet Valu)

PaulMac’s Pets is actually a part of the Pet Valu family of stores, which is a large Canadian chain of pet food and pet supplies stores. It’s Canada’s largest specialty pet store chain! So, you can use your Pet Valu Your Rewards loyalty card at this location. (We are big fans of our local Pet Valu here in Calgary – and we love that your points are saved up towards free bags of cat food. A big plus!!)

But what kind of cat trees does Paul Mac’s carry? A search through their website reveals that online they stock 15 different cat trees and cat condos. The prices range from about $70 up to $270 for a deluxe cat tree.

Buy Cat Trees online

Okay, this is always my favourite part! I love going online and searching through Amazon to find the very best cat trees at some really great prices. I only choose cat trees that are very highly rated, with lots of customer reviews AND that are a good value for the money. So, what did I find on Amazon.ca for you to browse through? (If you want to see ALL the cat trees Amazon.ca currently has, simply click here.)

Feandrea Medium Grey cat tree with scratching posts, hammock and perches

FEANDREA 59.3 Inch Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post Kitty Tower Pet Playhouse, Dark Gray
Current price $139.99 with FREE Shipping

Wow, just look at this beauty! (We like Feandrea cat trees a lot around here. In fact, a while ago we wrote an entire article all about Feandrea.) Here are a few of the features of this gray/grey and white stylish cat tree/cat playground:

  • 59.3 inch height – a great size for any cat! Tall enough to get some good climbing in, but not so tall as to be intimidating to a kitten or an older cat.
  • Super sturdy design and construction; anti-toppling fittings are included to ensure the cat tree is extra sturdy and won’t fall over. (This is one of the single most important features to look for in a cat tree – that it is very stable. You want your cats to feel secure and comfortable on their cat tree. If a cat tree is wobbly, your cat won’t want to use it!)
  • All of the posts are covered in durable white sisal rope. This means that every single post on this cat tree is a scratching post! Excellent for cats to scratch away to their little hearts’ content whenever they need to. (Scratching is an important thing for cats to do. Read more about why scratching posts are so important here.)
  • 5/5 star rating on Amazon! This is impressive – this is one of the highest ranked pieces of cat furniture on Amazon.ca, which is saying something when you see the hundreds that are available there.
  • Small lounging hammock near the base of the cat tree makes a perfect napping spot for your sleepy cat! And hey, they’re all sleepy pretty much all of the time. (No judging here – I love a good nap myself!)
  • All covered in soft, plush material to make it extra comfy for your cats.
  • Large sized cat condo built right in! It also has a peek-a-boo hole in the cat cave, so that you can play with your cat through it. You can pop treats in through that hole OR play with a string or other toy. It’s as much for us cat owners as it is for our pets!

Pawz Road 67 inch tall Multi-level cat tree with Perches, toys and Extra large cat condo

PAWZ Road 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats with Cozy Perches and Dangling Balls Gray
Current price $189.99 with FREE Shipping

Look at this one, guys! This has a ton of different activities – all packed into one cat tree that would be perfect for a multi-cat household. Look at some of the special features this PAWZ Road cat tree has:

  • Very stable design, with an oversized (extra large) cat condo at the bottom of the cat tower. This is great if you have a big cat, and you want them to have a comfortable little lounging area that they can actually fit in!
  • Traditional leaning scratching post at the base of the tree.
  • Loads of sisal covered scratching posts all over the cat tree.
  • Lots of comfy, plush perches for all your cats to relax on. I’m sure that cat perch/cat bed on the very top will be one of the most popular spots for your cats – cats love nothing better than perching up high and checking out their indoor territory.
  • And another cat condo built right in – this one is smaller, so excellent for the other cat in your family who isn’t quite as big as the other one.
  • Dangling cat toy balls for cats to swat away with while they’re playing on their new cat tree.

Cat Trees in Oakville – Conclusion

There! We’ve discovered one local pet store in Oakville, another one that is part of a larger national chain of pet stores – and they both do stock pet furniture such as cat trees. And, if you enjoy a good round of online shopping like I do, then you’ll appreciate two of our favourite cat trees that we discovered online. And they both have free shipping, so the cost of the cat tree is the only price you’ll pay!

Did you find a cat tree that is perfect for your pet today? We sincerely hope you did. A great cat tree is an investment into your cat’s well being, which in turn makes you feel pretty contented, too.

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission on sales made through those links, at no cost to you. Thanks!

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