Montreal Cat Trees – Finding Cool Kitty Condos in Quebec

Chilled out kitties love their cat trees

Do you like buying furniture? I know I do! Not only can it change the look of a room, but it feels like it can change your life! If that’s how we feel, imagine how our little feline buddies will feel when he or she gets a piece of cat furniture like a cat tree or a kitty condo. Yes, getting a cat tree or kitty condo for your cat will put you in your kitty’s good books for a long time!

So, what is a cat tree? It’s a piece of furniture tailor made for your cat’s needs. Cat trees or kitty condos have many attractive features to them that cats just love – like scratching posts, tunnels, hammocks, toys and so on. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes so no cat is left out! (Whether they are tiny felines or huge cats!)

Montreal, QC Cat Trees

I love Montreal! It is a beautiful and charming city with gorgeous architecture, and even more beautiful people. No wonder many people want to live there! As this city grows, there will be more and more cat lovers wanting to buy their furry friends the ultimate gift of love for them – a cat tree. It’s an investment piece that your pet will enjoy for years to come.

Pet stores in Montreal

There are a variety of pet stores in Montreal, and many of them do carry cat trees. You can also look to purchase a cat tree used on Kijijji or Craiglist. (We only recommend this if the cat tree is nearly new. The problem of infestation or other scaries is not something you want to face from an older piece of cat furniture.) Let’s take a look, though, at a couple of options in Montreal which gets some good reviews:

Mondou Pet Supply Store This is a large pet store chain with many locations in the Montreal area. If you go to their website, you’ll see a good variety of cat trees, kitty condos and scratching posts. The prices vary greatly.

Costco Wholesale – With two locations in Montreal, Costco has a good inventory of cat trees, condos, and scratching posts. The prices vary to satisfy different sized cat trees and budgets.

Our Favourite Online Cat Trees

However, if you are a sloth like me, it just might be too much time and effort to go out to a pet store and look for this cat tree. If that’s the case, we’ve found two of our favourite cat trees on Amazon that you can order online in the comfort of your own home!

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Towers with Double Condos,Spacious Perch, Fully Wrapped Scratching Sisal Post and Dangling Balls Gray

A continuous favourite on Amazon, the above PAWS Road Cat Tree is very well constructed and has two cat caves where cats can crawl in and sleep away the day. (Their very favourite activity, as we all know!) Along with perches and scratching posts is also a little detachable hanging toy for kittens and cats to pat away at!

PawHut 71-Inch Cat Tree Furniture Pet Tower House with Scratch Post and Condo, Beige

PawHut 71″ Scratching Tree Climbing Tower is likely one of the COOLEST pieces of cat furniture I’ve ever seen!! With multiple levels and platforms, two cat boxes for kitties to sleep and hide in, plus lots of scratching posts for kitties – this has it all!


Buying a cat tree is an investment into a lifetime of happiness and play for your feline friend. As you see your cat playing on it daily, you’ll realize that you’ve made the right decision. Buying a cat tree will not only put a smile on your cat’s face (do they really smile? Perhaps!) but will also put one on yours because you know you’ve bought them the ultimate gift!