Cat Tower – Why Should I Buy One for My Cat?

Why should I buy a cat tower for my cat? This is a good question because many of us cat lovers wonder what is the difference between a cat tree, a cat condo or a cat tower. Are there differences? Many times, they can be the same piece of cat furniture. But there are some small differences. The biggest difference is that cat towers are taller than cat trees and cat condos. All of them can have platforms, hammocks and houses but cat towers are always taller than the rest. So why would I specifically buy a cat tower?

Cat Tower – Why Buy One Specifically?

One reason is if you have an energetic cat that likes to bounce around everywhere. A cat tower might give your feline buddy a challenge and use up some of their energy climbing up and down the tower. Another reason is that if you have a cat friend who likes to hang out in high places. So instead of having you them hang out on top of your kitchen cabinets, your shelves or entertainment centre. You can have them perch on top of their tower, relaxing and enjoying the view!

Where Can I Buy One?

Most pet stores have them but you might have to look at a few stores before you find the right one. Also, if some are not sure of what it exactly is, just ask for their biggest and tallest cat tree. However, if you are like me and prefer to do online shopping, here’s a tower that might interest you below.


Buying a cat tower is a great gift especially if you have an active cat buddy! By getting one, you are guaranteeing years of fun and bliss! This means you will have a happy cat and an even happier you. It is a win for all!

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