Best Cat Scratchers for your Cat – Cardboard scratching pads

Today, we’re discussing a favorite topic around here: best cat scratchers for cats. We feel pretty strongly that it’s very important for cats to have a few places that are safe for them to scratch around the home. Why? Because cats have a strong need to scratch. It’s not a rebellious action for them, but rather one that helps them remove the outer layer of their claws, stretch and relax, and also to mark their territory as their own. Plus, it can be an expression of your cat’s happiness! If your cat runs onto the scratching pad or to the scratching post and starts to happily scratch when you get home from work – well, that’s because they’re thrilled to see you! Their joyful scratching is a true expression of their happiness. All of these reasons makes a cat’s scratching a good thing, not a bad thing.

And yet…maybe your sofa has taken some heat because your pet cats are doing what comes naturally to them and scratching it to bits! To help prevent furniture getting all scratched up, we’ve rounded up two of the best cardboard scratching boards that cats will love to scratch on. Training them to scratch there (the secret ingredient is CATNIP!) will help prevent further damage to your beloved furniture.

Best Cat Scratchers – Catit Scratching Board with Catnip

Catit Scratcher with Catnip, Wide
We’ve bought this cat scratcher twice now – and we and our cat love it!! It is well constructed, and sits neatly in its little blue box to contain it. A sprinkle of the included catnip ensures that your cat will quickly start using it. In fact, our Milo sometimes just lays on it when he’s done, absorbing the happy catnip odor. haha!
We find this one lasts about six months, and Milo uses it ALL the time, so it’s pretty good value for money. you can also sprinkle extra catnip on it once in a while, like we do.
$6.79 at time of writing. (But the regular price on Amazon is $7.99)

Animals Favorite Cat Scratcher – Ergonomic Scratching Pad

Animals Favorite Cat Scratcher Cardboard (Corrugated Scratching Pad)
For a slightly fancier option, we have this ergonomically shaped cat scratcher by Animals Favorite. The shape of this design allows your cat to really stretch out and have a wonderful scratch! Cute design on the side, too.
$24.95 at time of writing

For all those of us who truly adore and appreciate our pet cats, adding a scratching board or two will really make them happy. We hope you found just the right one for your pet today.

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