Cat coffee mugs – Cute gifts for cat lovers

Why have cat coffee mugs? Imagine getting up in the first thing in the morning, bleary eyed, we look at our computer screens and hope for a big burst of motivation to get working. And then…we remember that we brewed a fresh pot of coffee!! And, if our favourite beverage also happens to be in our favourite cat mug, well! Things just got a whole lot better. All of a sudden we can face this day.

Cat coffee mugs are an awesome gift for a cat lover. It’ll bring a smile to their face on those days when it just feels impossible to get going. (I’m having one of those days today, to be honest, so writing this article should be a breeze. Wait, I’ll go get another cup of coffee to help me along! Result. :))

We found some cute, humorous and downright adorable cat coffee mugs for you to choose from. Either for yourself – to celebrate your love of all things feline – OR for a friend or family member who loves cats.

All prices are accurate at time of writing. Prices may change over time.

Tea Drinkers: Yes, you may drink tea out of these mugs. That is perfectly acceptable. 😉

Cat Coffee Mugs – Smarty Cat Mug by Boston Warehouse

Awww, this is a cute one! This little ginger kitty is not only a natty dresser – check out that bow tie!! – but he also looks highly intelligent with those specs he’s wearing. And besides, he’s a ginger kitty. We LOVE ginger cats! Even the weird ones.

Mug, Smarty Cat Collection, 18 oz. Capacity, Hand-Painted Earthenware by Boston Warehouse

S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Takeaway Mug – Purrfect Morning

This one is lovely! A gorgeous pale blue, absolutely covered in those gorgeous kitties! It’s a true smattering of cats – a cattering? And, Swell makes exceptional travel mugs, as proven by their consistently high reviews and ratings from consumers. This style is especially nice because it has a handle, which makes it a bit easier to drink from. (It can be tricky to find a good travel mug that has a handle.)

S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Takeaway Mug – 15 Fl Oz – Purrfect Morning – Double-Layered Vacuum-Insulated Food and Drinks Cold and Hot – with No Condensation – BPA Free Water Bottle
* Double layered vacuum insulated travel mug
* 18/8 stainless steel
* 4.5/5 star rating

Literary Cat Mug – Mug with Cool Cat Quotes by authors

If you ask me – a cup of good coffee, a great book, and a cat nearby snoozing away (or even snuggling up next to you, if you have a cuddly cat) is the perfect combination! That makes this mug an ideal choice for those who not only love the feline persuasion, but also feel most comfortable with a book in hand. These awesome literary quotes about cats are entertaining, and the mug itself is stylish and cool. Great gift alert!

Literary Cat Mug – Kitten Quotes from Famous Writers Authors and Other Feline Lovers – Comes in a Fun Gift Box
* Features 9 quotes from literary giants who adored cats
* Comes in a gift box, easy to wrap.

We love all things cats! Whether it’s our favourite cat trees, cat toys or even hats for cats! If it’s for felines, we want to know about it, and then share it with you. Today it was fun to discover some awesome coffee mugs just for cat lovers. Enjoy your coffee, and embrace your love of felines all at the same time. Oh, and when you get up can you get me another cup of coffee?

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