Hats for Cats – Cute accessories for cool cats

In this Instagram-mad world, sometimes you just need a cute hat to pop on your cat to make the perfect photo opportunity! Cats in hats are adorable – IF you have the kind of laid back cat that wouldn’t mind wearing one. Taking pictures of cats wearing hats is super cute, but please don’t try to put a hat on your cat if they’re skittish or overly sensitive. Our cat Milo is NOT the sort to enjoy wearing anything other than his fur. Ha! I can just imagine his little expression now: “Mom, we’re not doing this, right? This is areally bad idea all around.”

But, by all means…if you have a really relaxed cat who loves getting their photo taken – then you’ll love the cute cat hats we found online.

Knitted Green Frog Cap/Hat for Cats

Frog Hat for Cats – Cute hats for cats
Oh seriously, how cute is this little guy in his little froggy cap! Sometimes you just want to see your cat look like a frog, and that is okay.

Sailor Hat and Necktie for Cats – Cute cat hats

Namsan Cat Dog Sailor Costume Hat Navy Tie
$13.99 (But please remember that prices can change at any time.)
This little fellow looks ADORABLE! He looks stoic, like he knows it’s time to leave the family and head back out to sea. So cute!! Also great for showing off your cat at cat shows or at a Zoom party! And obviously if you love to sail and you bring your cat along on the journey, then this is almost a must-have.

Sometimes we cat owners decide that putting hats on our cats and taking photos is just THE thing to do. Your cat might not agree, but hopefully you can pop on the cute hat and take pictures really quickly – maybe when they’re half asleep. We hope these entertaining little cats in hats will bring a smile to your face…and that your cats won’t be too angry with you. 😉

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