Can Cats Eat Raspberries? Is it okay to feed my cat berries?

We are venturing out into answering questions about what foods are or aren’t safe for your beloved pet to snack on. Today, we’re answering the question: Can Cats eat raspberries? Is it safe for cats to eat berries? Sometimes you just happen to be enjoying a bowl of raspberries and all of a sudden your cat seems super interested, too!

Can cats eat raspberries?

The good news is – YES it is safe to feed your cat a raspberry! Raspberries are non toxic food for cats, so eating raspberries occasionally will not hurt your pet. But, remember that fruit isn’t a natural food for cats to snack on, so raspberries should only be an occasional treat.

Cats are carnivores. In fact, cats are in the category called obligate carnivores. This means that they need meat in their diet to survive. They need to eat meat to stay healthy and strong. So, make sure the diet you’re regularly feeding your pet cat is high in protein (meat) content. In the wild this is obvious, as cats naturally are hunters and they feed on meat regularly. (If you’d like more information, I found this list of High protein cat foods.)

A warning – don’t feed raspberries if…

If your cat has diabetes, you should not feed it even occasional treats of fresh fruit. Why? Fresh fruit is a natural source of sugar. So, while it’s healthier than other sources of sugar – like candy and sweets – it still contains too much sugar for your cat. If your cat is diabetic, then any fruit at all is a no no for them! If you’re concerned that your cat may be diabetic – or have any other health issues – then please be sure to discuss those concerns with your veterinarian.

Conclusion – Cats eating raspberries

So, for most cats an occasional fresh (well washed) or frozen raspberry can be a yummy little treat! But, if your cat is overweight or has diabetes, then they should not consume any fruit, as it contains too much sugar.

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