Cat Treats Amazon – Best all natural cat treats to order online

Hello cat lovers! If you’re like me, you like to keep a bag of cat treats around to give as an occasional treat to your best pal. Amazon stocks a good selection of different cat treats. We want to share with you our favourite picks!

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Catit Nibbly Cat Treats on Amazon – Crunchy treats, chewy treats or Soft creamy treats

This is the one our boy kitty loves! His favourite is Chicken & Liver flavour in the Catit Nibbly treats, but to be honest we haven’t tried the other types yet. We haven’t had to, since he loves these ones so much! Below, you’ll see the different types of Catit treats available in their line. I love that there are so many different textures available. Since, as we all know – each cat might have a different preference. Cats being picky? Shocking! (Not.)

  • Crunchy – Nibbly treats – As mentioned above, these are Milo’s favourites. The Nibbly treats are a nice, small kibble size – so perfect for any cat to munch on, even kittens. The ingredients are simple and all-natural. Comes in: Chicken, Chicken & Liver or Salmon flavours.
  • Creamy or Lickable treats in a tube – Great for any age of cat, but I would imagine that these would be particularly good for older cats. Easy to eat (they just lick at the tube of creamy treats) and easy to digest. Available in: Chicken & Liver, Seafood, Salmon and Tuna flavours.
  • Chewy – Jerky treats – And if your cat prefers a good, chewy treat then they’ll likely prefer the Jerky treats by CatIt. Comes in Chicken jerky or Chicken and Fish jerky.

So, those are our absolute favorite cat treats, because if our little fellow likes them (and he is FUSSY) then we are sure your cats will like them too. And, we like the convenience of buying our cat treats online, while we’re ordering other things. Win, win! And add a happy kitty to the mix makes it a win-win-win situation, or a triple win.