Can Cats Eat Lettuce?

Can cats eat lettuce? We all love lettuce! It is such a versatile and tasty vegetable. You can have it in sandwiches and salads of all kinds. Also, there is a variety of the types of lettuce you can have. Personally I love Romaine and green leaf lettuce. I can eat these all the time! But what about my ginger tan tabby? Can he eat lettuce like I do? I would like to think yes because I want him to enjoy the tastiness of lettuce also. Have a look below.

Can Cats Eat Lettuce? Yes

If you go to the PetMD website, they list a bunch of fruit and other foods that cats can eat. If you go under the heading of “Which Other Human Foods are Safe for Cats”, you will see lettuce listed. As the website indicates, the articles and information are written and reviewed by veterinarians.


Cats can eat lettuce. This is great news! However, it is always good to check before you feed your cat anything as what might be fine for us could be actually toxic to them. The above website is a good place to check to see if something would be ok for your feline friend. So the next time you are having nice Caesar or garden salad and you see your furry buddy staring at you lovingly and licking their lips. Maybe break off a small piece of lettuce and let them chew on it. They will love you even more for it! Take care cat lovers!