Cat Trees in Banff and Canmore – Finding Cat Condos in the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are truly one of my favourite places to be, and of course that means hanging out in Banff and Canmore. Cat lovers in these towns may be searching for the ultimate gift for your pet cat – a cat tree! Cat trees are indoor playgrounds for cats, and they come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. A cat tree basically replicates a real outdoor tree, and can be called a cat tower, cat condo or cat stand. It provides your cat with a place that is entirely their own to relax, lounge, play, scratch (they often include scratching posts) and of course sleep!

Finding cat trees in the Canadian Rockies proved to be a wee bit more challenging than I’d anticipated! If you know of a local artisan who creates cat trees AND has a website, please let us know. For now, here are the best options for cat furniture in Banff and Canmore, Alberta:

Kijiji Banff Canmore for Cat Trees

Kijiji is a treasure trove for all things – and can be a great place to start your local hunt for cat trees in Banff and Canmore. When buying a kitty condo this way, though, do your research! You really want to find a cat tree that is new or nearly new. This way you can ensure that the cat tower is still in good condition, and that it’s nice and clean. (It’s yucky to think about, but buying used cat furniture means you might be risking bringing fleas or other little critters into the home! Ugh!!) So, we generally recommend buying new when buying cat furniture. The exception is when a person has purchased a piece of cat furniture, but then realized quickly that it just won’t work – perhaps it won’t even fit in their apartment or house. Then you can snag an excellent deal!

Buying Cat Trees online

So, the options for actual cat trees right in Banff and Canmore is a little limited, to be honest. I think this is one of those times when online shopping will come in very handy for you cat lovers! We’ve found some of the coolest cat trees around, and all of them feature FREE Shipping, too!

PAWZ Road Modern Cat Tree with Cat Cave

PAWZ Road 65.6 Inches Modern Cat Tree 6 Levels Cat Tower with Sturdy Scratching Posts, Large Condo, Soft Hammock for Cats
This beauty of a cat tree is becoming a real favourite around here, for all of these reasons:
* Consistent 5 STAR RATINGS. Customers LOVE the design, durability and function of this piece.
* Beautiful design that is well constructed and durable
* Looks stylish enough to place anywhere in your home! Yes, even in your gorgeous Rocky Mountain home.
* A cool cat hammock for kitties to curl up and fall asleep in
* Plenty of levels to play on
* A cat condo built right in – another great place for cats to hide or sleep
* Tons of sisal covered scratching posts – ideal for kitty to scratch to their hearts’ content!
$154.99 with FREE SHIPPING
Price current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Midwest Homes for Pets Cat Tree – Cat condo with Perch (Sisal covered – makes an excellent scratching post)

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree |Scout Cat Furniture Cat Activity Tree w/Sisal Wrapped Support Scratching Posts & Dangle Play Balls, Woven Rattan & Script Small Cat Tree
* 4.5 out of 5 stars
* This small cat tree is very VERY well made to last for years
* Hanging toy ball for cats to bat at and play with
* Rather than an elaborate design, this cat tree by MidWest Homes for Pets is an awesome cat cave that is entirely wrapped in sisal. This means the entire thing is perfect for your pet cat to scratch on!
* A plush top perch will be the favourite place in your home for your pet cats to lounge and fall asleep.
$194.24 with FREE SHIPPING
Prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

FEANDREA 60 Inch Cat Tower with Cat Caves, Perches and Hammock

FEANDREA 60 Inch Cat Tree Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Post Plush Perch, Dark Gray UPCT90G
Perfect for multi-cat households!
* Two super plush perches for cats to lounge and observe all that’s going on in their indoor world
* Hammock for lounging
* Two cozy crawl condos – kitty caves that cats can crawl right into and fall asleep in. Or just hide.
* Strong sisal-covered scratching posts for kitties to scratch away
* Dangling toys to play with
* Oh, and did we mention the 5 Star Rating?!?
$149.99 with FREE Shipping Prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Thankfully, online shopping makes it easy to find a remarkable cat tree no matter where you live! With three options today – one for a big house full of cats, one that is small but sturdy and sisal-covered and another that is a modern design – hopefully you found the ideal cat tree for your buddies!

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