A simple and sturdy cat tree with a Cat bed built in – Under $50

Sure, sometimes we have featured some pretty POSH cat trees – with just about every single feature a cat could ever be looking for. But…when we thought about it some more, we realized that all those bells and whistles might actually please the human friend of those cats, and not necessarily the cats themselves! You know what I mean?

Our big boy kitty (we’ll coe name him BBK haha) actually likes his simple perch-type cat tree the best. So, today I wanted to show you a very cool, yet more streamlined and simple cat tree. I’d actually call it a cat perch – just a great hangout for your buddies. And it also has a completely enclosed cat condo on the bottom. So, it would be good for older cats or ones – like ours!! – who are not particularly inclined to exercise much. (I know, I know! I try to get him to play, I promise you!)

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Simple and sturdy cat tree under $50 – Cat condo built in

PAWZ Road Cat Perch/Kitty Condo – currently $49.99 (but prices change)

Haha, and aren’t those two cuties modelling this particular cat tree just BEAUTIFUL? I’m besotted 🙂 🙂

Best Features of this cat tree:

  1. Simple! Sometimes complicated is just not your best friend. Or your cat’s, to be honest. A lot of cats just want a cool little place to hang out and don’t even notice all the additional fancy features.
  2. Simple also means it’s easier to put together this cat tree model.
  3. Sturdy. When you’re buying a cat tree/condo/perch – whatever you choose to call it – you want it to be well constructed. The better constructed, the more likely it is to uphold the weight of your cats. And your cats will feel better hanging out on sturdier cat trees, of course, since it doesn’t sway under their weight. This kitty condo model by Pawz Road is strongly built.
  4. Price – Under $50 at the time of writing. Of course, like anything on Amazon, the price can change over time. But I’ll try to keep the current price on this article for you. If you’d like to get your cat buddy a cool place to hang out, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then I think this one is a good choice.
  5. Design. This cat tree has a perch on top – perfect for your cat to watch what’s going on all around them, which cats love to do. It has a tiny toy attached to the top, just a dangling ball, but still – cats love things they can swat and and play with. And finally, the cat condo at the bottom is padded and cozy, and good for any cat, but I was thinking especially of those ones who might have anxiety or are just shy. It gives them a comfortable place to go and just hide out. (Hey, we humans wouldn’t mind that either, now would we? haha)