Feandrea NEW Style Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure (How to hide a litter box in a small space)

Feandrea has this pretty awesome new style of cat tree available. It caught my eye because it doesn’t look at all like a typical cat tree. The added wooden style features really make this cat condo something eye catching and unique.

And, the feature that impressed me the most is the integrated hidden litter box enclosure. If you live in a small space, and want both a cat tree for your kitty to enjoy AND need somewhere hidden for their bathroom, then I think this might be the ultimate solution.

Feandrea combined Cat Tree AND Litter Box Enclosure – Currently $149.99 (price can change at any time; regular price is $219.99)

Features we love about this new cat tree:

  • The cat box enclosure is well designed. Will hold even a larger sized kitty litter box. (We wrote about our favourite stainless steel litter box here.) Double door design makes it easy for you – or whoever gets to clean the litter – to access the dirty litter to clean it. That same design also makes it an easy job to refill the litter box with fresh litter.
  • So stylish! I know, I know…style alone is not the point of a cat tree, but this piece of cat furniture is amazingly stylish. With tones of pure white and darker wood, it is a seriously good looking cat tower. In fact, it’s different than any I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few since starting this blog!
  • Hammock provides an excellent spots for cats to curl up and sleep. Or, just chill out and clean their paws – a hobby they enjoy greatly. (And is it just me, or is it soooo relaxing to watch them clean themselves??)
  • Tall perch on top, with a nice cushy padded base to it. Your pals will be super comfy hanging out there and scanning their kingdom. OR queendom.
  • Cool pom pom balls toy for fun!
  • Gorgeous, solid cat condo included, which is a perfect hiding spot for anxious cats. Or any cats at all – they all love an enclosed space to hide out in and snooze.
  • An impressive 4.5/5 star rating with over 300 reviews.

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