Cat Adoption Calgary – Finding a Home for A Feline Friend

Are you interested in cat adoption in Calgary? Good for you! There are many cats out there who need to find a home. Here in Calgary there are many cat lovers. What better way to fill your need than to adopt a feline buddy? Why adopt? For one thing, these cats are in dire need of a home as for whatever reason, they have been abandoned. You could provide that home and bring joy into a cat or kitty’s life. So where can you adopt in Calgary? Here are a few places below.

Cat Adoption Calgary

Meow Foundation – Located on 35 Skyline Crescent NE, they provide rescue and adoption assistance, spay neuter assistance, trap neuter return and cat food assistance. They provide cat adoption with a unique 30 day matchmaker trial. An adult cat costs $175.00 and a kitten (3 to 6 months) costs $225.00. Senior cats, shy cats and selected cats can be purchased by naming you fee. However, the fee has to be at least $50.00. Finally there is a $25.00 multi cat discount if you are adopting more than one cat at the same time or you are a repeat adopter with the MEOW foundation.

AARCS Safe Haven — Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society – Located on 5060 74 Ave SE, this organization provides adoption services for cats, dogs and other creatures. To adopt an adult cat ( 7 months and older), the cost is $130.00. If you want to adopt a kitten (6 months and younger), the cost is $225.00. The fee for a senior cat (9 years and older) is $60.00. A bonded pair of kittens is $400.00 for the pair. Finally, the fee for a bonded pair of adult cats is $200.00.

Calgary Humane Society – Located on  4455 110 Ave SE, they provide surrendering and adoption services for a variety of animals including cats. To adopt a kitten (7 months or under) costs $245.00. The cost for an adult cat ( 7 months to 9 years) is $165.00. A senior cat (10 years and older) cost $75.00. If you want to adopt a barn cat, it is $30.00. For a patient paw fee, you can choose your own price. Finally, if you adopt a second adult cat within 60 days of your initial adoption for a reduced fee of $100.00 ($50.00 for senior cat).

Regarding Bonded cats, a mom and kitten would cost $300.00. A bonded kitten pair would cost $400.00. An adult bonded pair would be $250.00 and a senior bonded pair would be $100.00. Finally, a patient paw pair would be a minimum of $50.00.


If you are a cat lover in Calgary and are yearning for some feline company, why not adopt a cat friend? Not only will you make their life happier but you will have years of joy. Just think of all the cuddles and snuggles you get as your adopted cat buddy showers you with love. You life will be truly enriched. So go and adopt a little furry feline friend. You will have no regrets! Take care fellow cat lovers!

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