Wooden Cat Trees – Sleek and modern 59″ Cat tree by PAWZ Road (with litter box built in!)

Are you on the hunt for a really special piece of cat furniture for your precious cat pal? Or maybe you’re also on the hunt for an ALL-IN-ONE piece of cat furniture, a cat tree/tower that also incorporates a full sized litter box. In that case, you have found an excellent option! There aren’t too many cat trees that have a litter box enclosure inside, so this one really stood out to me.

Oh, and did I mention the 4.6/5 star rating!? Let’s see what this cat tree is all about…

PAWZ Road Cat Tree – 59 inch tall with cat litter box built in! (Hidden litter box furniture)

This is a real beauty of a cat tower. It is made of real wood, is striking with its black and white design (a much more modern design than many ‘typical’ cat trees) and it has a litter box built in!

PAWZ Road WOODEN Cat Tree – 59″ tall with litter box enclosure, hammock and kitty condo built in – Current price $239.99 with Free shipping. (Prices can change at any time, and without notice, but this was the correct price at time of writing this article.)

ALL TOOLS INCLUDED: I love that all necessary tools for the simple construction of this cat tree come right in the box! No hunting or searching for screwdrivers with this beautiful cat tree.

  • Made of engineered wood, making it a sturdier cat tree.
  • 5 levels include:
  • Level 1: Litter box enclosure – space for a full-sized litter box, fully enclosed with a little ‘peephole’ cat shape that cats can crawl in and out of! There are two doors that open up on this level, making it a breeze to add fresh litter to the box, or remove the cat litter box for cleaning. (Want more info on great litter box options? We wrote extensively about cat litter boxes, including a very cool stainless steel one here.)
  • Level 2: Medium sized perch, for cats to chill out, perhaps relaxing and taking a break before climbing further up the cat tree.
  • Level 3: A wooden kitty condo! Also called a cat cave, this little hideaway spot is a perfect place for kitty to hide out and relax, or even take a restful nap. We all know how much cats love to sleep, right? It’s practically their professional occupation.
  • Level 4: A cozy, wooly-soft cat hammock. Cats love hammocks to curl up in and fall asleep. A perfectly peaceful little spot that all your cats will love.
  • Level 5: As is often the case in well designed cat trees, there is a perch at the very top of the cat tower. Cats have an instinctive desire to climb – and they love to climb high and see what’s going on in their kingdom! The top perch is well padded and comfortable.
  • PAWZ Road has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an excellent reputation for building fine pieces of cat furniture.

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