Guelph Cat Trees – Cat Condos and Towers in Ontario, Canada

Guelph, Ontario is a thriving city in southwestern Ontario. Not only does it boast a beautiful university, but it itself is a stunning location in which to live. And we happen to know that there are a lot of cat lovers in the Guelph area, so we decided to discover where you can find some fun and functional cat furniture for your beloved pets. Okay, Guelph…here we come, right meow!

Pet Stores in Guelph, Ontario

First, we wanted to find local shops that stock cat trees, cat towers, and cat condos. This way you can pop by, and select the cat tree you think is the best fit for your cat(s) and the space you have available in your home. Here are some pet stores in Guelph that DO offer cat furniture for sale:

Petculture Guelph

This pet store is located at Unit B5, 492 Edinburgh Road S, Guelph, Ontario. Firstly, a quick update on COVID safety measures in place at this pet store. On their website, they tell us that hand sanitizer is available at the door, face masks must be worn inside (due to Health Minister regulations) and that physical distancing is encouraged by using the arrows on the floor. At this time, they are open for business!

They say that they do stock cat trees, but I wasn’t able to find much other information. You could always contact them directly to ask which types they have in stock at this time. They are a family-run, locally owned business in Guelph. PetCulture has been in business for 20 years.

PetSmart Guelph

PetSmart is a very popular national chain of pet stores throughout Canada. They do carry cat trees, and other cat necessities. Currently, they are offering curbside pickup, by which you order ahead online and they’ll have your order waiting for you when you arrive. It was a bit tricky to distinguish on the website exactly what type of cat trees they have – so maybe check ahead before you visit. Most PetSmart locations carry a range of cat trees and kitty condos, plus other cat necessities like cat beds, and cat carriers.

Order Cat Trees Online

No joke, I’m writing this in my pyjamas. And, if you’re anything like me, these days you do a lot of shopping in your PJs too! So, if you prefer to lounge in comfort while you window shop, then your cat tree shopping and research can be done online. Here are two of our top cat tree picks available to purchase online. AND – the shipping is free! We only carefully select cat trees that have a minimum of a 4.5/5 star rating and consistently high customer reviews. We really want you to be happy with your selection. Okay…on to the cat trees!

Feandrea 39 inch cat tree with 2 cat caves and a cat basket

Feandrea 39 inch Grey Cat Tree with Cat Condos/Caves and Basket
Currently $89.99 with FREE Shipping

This well constructed cat tree gets consistently high ratings and reviews for how sturdy it is! Comes in a pale grey/gray colour. (Pretty chic colour right now; gray still seems to be the most popular decor option, so this cat furniture will fit right in!) There’s a lot going on in this small cat tree…including:

  • Plush top perch is a perfect place for cats to chill out, lounge, nap and totally check out their indoor territory! The extra layers of cushioning makes it a very comfy hangout spot.
  • 2 cat condos/caves built right in! This means two different cats can have their own hideout place, away from anything that might be stressing them out. (In fact, some cats ARE very high stress and/or anxious, and having a place of their own to chill out in is very helpful in calming them down, and easing their tension.) It is nice, and quite unusual to find two cat condos in a cat tree of this size.
  • Side basket/bed is a perfect place for a cat to snuggle up and have a nice long nap.

Rabbitgoo 61 inch very tall cat tree with hammock, cat basket and much more

Rabbitgoo 60 inch Large Cat Activity Tree
$129.99 with FREE Shipping

This is one of those mega cat trees that I like to call an indoor cat playground! Why? Because there are just so many cool activities and areas on this cat tree, that cats will love to play on it and explore! Look at some of the awesome features this cat activity tree has:

  • Tall 61 inch height means cats have some fun climbing ahead of them! This encourages exercise, which is always helpful with indoor cats.
  • Small climbing ladder near the bottom of the cat tree
  • Luxurious deep hammock near the base – a perfect napping spot for kitty
  • Hanging basket near the top – again, a great snuggly spot to sleep!
  • Lots of perches and places to relax, and kitty will love cleaning their paws and observing from these areas
  • Interactive toys – ball and loop
  • One large kitty condo/cat cave with an extra little opening – you can put toys through that opening, or play peek a boo!
  • Plenty of sisal covered posts make this an awesome scratching post for your cat, too. (Want to know more about why scratching is so important for your cat? We wrote all about it in a separate article.)

Conclusion – Cat Trees in Guelph, Ontario

So, if you’re searching for a cat tree in Guelph, there are options! We found one locally owned, independent pet store that is family-run. AND we also discovered a popular national pet store that is located in Guelph. And finally, if you’re like us – and prefer super casual shopping while lounging in PJs – then we showed you two of our favourite cat trees that are popular and good choices for your feline friends. And, they are only a click or two away.

Happy shopping – we hope you find just the right cat tree for your best friend.