Cat Cafe Calgary – A Place to Get Your Feline Fix!

“No cats allowed.” “I have no time to take care of a pet.” “My spouse doesn’t like cats.” This is some of the realities that feline lovers in Calgary face. Because of it they are denied the cuddles and love of a furry friend which can leave a void for them. How can it be filled? Thankfully there is a cat cafe in Cow-town to help fill the void!

What is a cat cafe? It is a place where you can have a cup of coffee, a snack and relax. At the same time, you can have cuddles and snuggles with a cat buddy! Wow, coffee and cats, life can’t get better than that. And they are popping up everywhere even in Calgary. Fantastic!

Calgary Cat Cafe

Regal Cat Cafe – Located on 303 10th Street NW in Kensington, this cat cafe offers Locally Roasted Coffees, Hand Blended Teas and Baked goods that are gluten and vegan friendly. More importantly, it has a nice selection of cat buddies to bond with. And if one steals you heart, you have the option to adopt. The cost is $10 per person for a 45 minute reservation.

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Finally, we have options to satisfy our cat love in the wild west! Yes, with a cat cafe in Calgary, cat lovers can have quality time with a feline friend. The void they had in their heart will be finally filled, and they will be complete. How reassuring. So have a cup of java; scratch a kitty friend and enjoy. Long live cats!

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