Cat Cafes in Paris, Chats de Cafe et Bons Moments!

Cat cafes in Paris? Why would the city of lights need them? Paris has everything a person would need to enjoy life. You have beautiful, interesting and cultured people all around you. The food that you could eat is second to none. There is also beautiful historical buildings to enjoy and there is green space. Yes Paris has it all unless you are a cat lover without a feline buddy. Perhaps you are not allowed to have a cat? Or maybe you cannot afford to have one? As cat lovers, we need our furry friends to help make us whole. Fortunately, Paris does have cat cafes for cat lovers to get their quality time and cuddles with a sweet kitty. Here are two of Paris’ cat cafes.

Cat Cafes in Paris France

Le Cafe Des Chats – Located on 9 Rue Sedaine 75011 Paris, this cat café has been opened since 2013. The café is open from from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (Friday and Saturday until 11 p.m.) Also, the kitchen is open continuously, from opening until 9 p.m. (Friday and Saturday until 9:30 p.m.). The café does not take reservations. It has a variety of cats ranging from a few months to 12 years old. Reservations are required. The cafe has coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine and beer. It also has a variety of entrees, salads and dessert items to choose from.

Chat Mallows Cafe – Located on 30 Rue des Volontaires 75015 Paris, this cat cafes is home to a variety of cats. These cats are residents of the cafe and are not available for adoption. However, if you are interested in adopting a cat, information can be provided to you. Children are allowed but kids between six and 12 years old should be supervised. The cafe itself has a large selection of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cold drinks. There are also sweet treats like brownies, ice cream, donut cat and frozen tiramisu. There is also a small selection of salty snacks which can be accompanied with a beer or wine.


Cat cafes in Paris are alive and well! This is good news for all the cat lovers who at times need comfort and TLC that only a feline friend can offer. So just imagine you are in one of the greatest cities of the world have a cup of java and getting some cuddles from a cat buddy. How would you feel? But, you do not have to imagine because in Paris it’s a reality. Life is good!

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