Cat Cafes London – Felines, High Tea and More!

Cat cafes in London? Sounds crazy. But think of about it, millions of Londoners love cats. However, due to circumstances such as a busy work schedule, a lack of space or just not allowed many cannot have a cat buddy. As a result many are left with a void or hole in their life that cannot be filled. This is where cat cafes come in. Lovely!

Ah, I love London! It’s my most favourite city in the world. And what’s not to like about it? It has beauty, history and diversity. Everyday is an adventure here and that’s why so many people come and make London their home. Many of these people love cats and now they can finally have their feline fix by visiting some of London’s lovely cat cafes!

Cat Cafes in London

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – Located on 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, this cafe offers quality time(90 minutes) with a furry buddy for 15 pounds. Even better is that you can have High Tea with a feline buddy for 30 pounds! With this you get a tiered plate of Cakes, Scones, Savouries, and two drinks besides companionship. The menu also has listing of sweets, savouries, pastries, hot and cold drinks. There are some vegan and gluten free options. The cafe even offers a Pet First Aid course. Now that’s love! If you look under Covid-19 information at their website, they have a detailed listing of all their safety procedures that are in place to keep you and the furry friends safe.

Whiskers & Cream – Located on 593 Holloway Road, you can have cuddles and squeezes with a cat buddy for 11 pounds per person. You also get a free soft drink with this fee. This cat cafe offers Afternoon Tea and companionship for 26 pounds. Included in this is unlimited Birchall Loose Tea or Vegabond Artisan Coffee. The afternoon tea menu choice of sweets and savouries and can has vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options. The cafe strives to leave a low carbon footprint in using suppliers. Wonderful! When you go to their website and click on Covid-19 Safety, you will get a detailed list of their safety measures to keep customers safe.


Yes Londoners, you now can have your clotted cream and cuddles too! Yes, with the appearance of cat cafes, feline lovers can now have that quality time that they desperately need. So eat, drink and snuggle! It’s the London way. Long live cats!

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