Cat Condo, Should I Buy One For My Cat?

Should I buy a cat condo for my cat? It is an interesting question because there is a large selection of cat furniture that you can buy. There are cat trees, cat towers, cat beds, cat perches and the list goes on. So how do I know that a cat condo is right for my cat?

It really depends on the type of cat you have. If your cat is very active, athletic and full of energy, you might want to buy something more challenging like a cat tree or a cat tower. However, if your cat likes to sleep a lot, and not do too much then a cat condo might fit the bill. Now some cat trees and cat towers have condos on them but it would require your cat to climb to get to them. If your feline is not a big climber then you want a stand alone cat condo. So where can I buy one?

Most pet stores should have a few condos available but beware that they might be attached to a cat tree or tower. If you want only condo, your best bet would be to buy online.

Cat Condo Online Options

If you are like me and tend to do most of your shopping online, then buying a cat condo online is the way to go. You will find lots of options in different shapes and sizes. Here are a couple that might be of interest below:

Catinsider 2 in 1 Cat Scratching Post Kitty Condo with Dangling Ball for Cats Green

PETMAKER 80-PET5080 Cat Condo 2 Story Double Hole with Scratching Surface, 14″ x 20.5″, Gray


Buying a condo is a cool gift for your furry buddy. Not only will they have a place to snuggle and relax but they might even have a place to scratch a bit too! As a result, you will have a happier feline friend and as a result there will be more purrs and licks for you. Now that’s what I call condo living. Keep safe fellow cat lovers!

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