Driftwood Cat Trees, Natural Wood Cat Furniture

What are driftwood cat trees? They are cat trees that are made of wood that has washed ashore from the ocean or lake. This wood is then shaped to make a variety of cat trees of different shapes and sizes.

Why are driftwood cat trees so popular? First, they are made of actual wood and not MDF or some other material. Second, it is environmentally friendly. The carbon foot print is small as all you have to do is find some branches that has washed ashore and then it is hand crafted into a cat tree. Third, each cat tree is unique as the cat tree shape is based on the shape of the particular branch you find. Finally, they are usually fun for cats to climb as the unique shapes provide some interesting places for the cats to climb. So where can you find cat trees?

Driftwood Cat Trees – Where to Find Them?

You will not find these cat trees at your typical pet store or chain. Instead, you will need to look at smaller independent stores that specialize in making them. The best bet is looking online on the internet and finding out who makes them. One place to try is Etsy. They have a lot of cat trees for sale that are made of natural wood and some made of driftwood.

You will notice that these cat trees tend to be more expensive. This is due to them being hand made out of wood, it takes longer to make. However, this uniqueness makes them very popular and demand for them is high.


Buying a driftwood cat tree for your furry friend would be quite the gift to give them. Buying buying one, you are guaranteeing years of fun and recreation as this cat tree will last a life time. The unique shape of these cat trees will provide lots of challenges and good exercise for them also. And the interesting design will provide you with a furniture centerpiece for your room. It is a good example of mutualism where everyone benefits as both you and your furry buddy are happy. Can’t get much better than that! Take care cat lovers!

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