Cat Condos on Sale – 35% off on Amazon – Now $71.99 (Cat Trees under $75) – For large cats

Hey, I’m finding some great deals today you guys! This time around, this popular cat condo is on sale for under $75 – $71.99 to be exact. With Amazon sales and offers, the prices are current when I find them and write about them, but boy they can change fast! So go check this one out immediately.

Feandrea 3-level cat condo – now $71.99

Some features I like about this cat tree/condo:

  • It’s made by Feandrea! (We’ve written about them a few times now, and we like their products.)
  • This one is great for LARGE kitties! We have one of those, and so these oversized landings and perches, plus a large cat condo/cave is great if your cat just happens to be a bit on the larger size. Or, maybe you just want more space for your cat to sprawl out and relax. There is plenty of space in this cat condo for your buds to do just that.
  • 4.6/5 star average rating. That is awesome, since there are over 9000 reviews of this product!!
  • The upper level cat cave has two different entries in it. I have never seen that feature before, and I’ve looked at an awful lot of cat trees! That’s a clever design feature.
  • If you want a taller cat tree, I just posted this one that is 5 levels. You might want to check it out. But for older or heavier cats, I think this cat condo/tree is a good option, because they’ll easily be able to climb it.

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