Cat Trees in Belleville, Ontario – Local merchants and online options

Hello! Today we are specifically looking for cat trees and other types of cat furniture in Belleville, Ontario. Belleville is a city of approximately 59,000 residents, and we are sure many of you are cat lovers like we are!

Cat trees are an awesome indoor option for cats. They provide a place for cats to play, and to relax. They are especially important for indoor cats, of course, but even outdoor cats like a fun place to hang out when they’re at home.

Belleville, Ontario Petsmart (pet store)

Petsmart often carries a range of cat furniture, including scratching posts and cat trees. The location in Belleville is at 264 Millenium Parkway #3. Stock changes all the time, so sometimes the best option if you want to shop in-person is to just drop into the store and see what they currently have available.

Belleville Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a handy place to find all sorts of things – including cat trees! When I was researching this article there were quite a few up for sale, including both new and used ones. (I would really suggest buying new whenever possible. I know it’s not the environmentally friendly thing to do, but if you don’t know where that piece of cat furniture was, you just don’t know if the pets that used it might have had fleas, etc. Gross, but sort of a necessary thing to think about before purchasing.)

Online Options for Cat Trees in Belleville

I still love shopping online the most! It’s so convenient – just lounge away on the sofa and do your necessary shopping, you know? So, if you’re like me and prefer shopping from the comfort of home, then these are my favourite options right now online:

P.S. Today I found two great sales on Amazon – one option under $50 and one option under $75! So if you’re buying a cat tree on a budget you’ll want to read those articles too.

Multi Level (6 Level!) Cat Tree with Two Cat Caves and a Hammock (Under $100)

6 Level Cat Tree with 4.6/5 star rating – currently $82.99 (But please remember that prices can change anytime)

Best Features of this Cat Tree:

  • High rating! Customers love this cat tree, and more importantly so do their cats!
  • Features: hammock, nice tall cat tree for cats who love to climb, kitty hammock for sleeping – which, let’s be honest is a cat’s favourite hobby!
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent price – a Cat tree this large usually isn’t available for under $100, so I think the price of this makes it an awesome value.

Super Sturdy Cat Tree for LARGE cats – 5 Levels

Best Features of this Cat Tree:

  • Made for large cats! I think because our buddy is such a huge cat, I’m always looking for cat trees with him in mind. This one is made very structurally sound, nice and sturdy for even large cats. And even if your cat is smaller, no problem! This just gives them more space to play and lounge and sleep in comfort.
  • Good rating: 4.3/5 star rating.
  • HUGE comfortable perch at the very top of the cat tree. I like when cat trees feature a large ‘balcony’ (LOL) on the top of the tower, because cats love to be up high to view everything in their territory. This one is plush and extra-large, so they’ll love it!

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