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Cat trees in Brampton Ontario is something that cat lovers in the area need to find. Why? Because cat lovers like myself know that this is the ultimate gift you can give your feline friend. Imagine, your cat playing, sleeping, scratching, and jumping etc…on a cat tree for years to come? Think about how happy your cat would be! Think about the health benefits – cat trees provide plenty of additional exercise for your pets. However, can you even find cat trees in Brampton? Fortunately, there are options! Yes, there are places where you can get a cat tree or kitty condo in this city. Here are a few choices below:

Cat Trees Brampton Ontario

Pet Smart – With multiple locations in the Brampton area, this pet store chain offers both in store and curbside pick up for customers. There website shows a nice selection of cat trees, cat towers, kitty condos, cat houses, scratching posts, cat scratchers, and cat beds. These are sold at different prices to match whatever budget you have. Their stores also have covid-19 protocols in place to enhance safety through social distancing and other measures. Pet grooming services have also resumed at many of their stores. Call ahead to make sure.

Pet Valu – Having multiple stores in the Brampton area, this pet store chain offers both in store and and pick up services. You can also order online. Their website shows a large selection of cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts, cat scratchers, cat lounges, and cat tunnels. The prices vary to match many pocket books. Grooming services have resumed at many stores with safety measures in place.

Global Pet Foods – This pet food chain has a few locations in the Brampton area. Their focus is on pet food and products. However, they do have a small selection of cat trees, kitty condos and scratching posts.


Getting your furry buddy a cat tree is one of the greatest acts of love you can do for them! Just think of it? They will be happier, healthier and more content. And as a result, you also will be happier, healthier and more content. It is a win win you for and your cat buddy! So for cat lovers in Brampton, go out and get that cat tree! Both of you will be better for it.

Online cat trees

And, if you’d rather lounge at home and find a cat tree online instead, then we have you covered there too. This is one of our consistent favourites online at Amazon:

FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts Kitty Tower Playhouse Smoky Grey UPCT51G

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