Cat Tower PetSmart

Are you looking for a cat tower at PetSmart? That is one of the best places to go to find one. Each of their stores usually has a few. Also, if you go to their website, you will see a nice selection of cat towers, cat trees, cat houses, cat condos, kitty condos, cat ramps and so on. But what is the difference between at cat tree and a cat tower?

Cat Tower PetSmart – Cat Tree vs Cat Tower

What is the difference between a cat tree and a cat tower? Throughout my years of looking at both cat trees and cat towers, my conclusion is that they are pretty much the same. Perhaps you could say that a cat tree is shaped more like a tree with branches and a cat tower is more narrow and goes straight up and down. However, there is many a time I have looked at what I thought was a cat tower and instead was a cat tree and the reverse. So the terms are interchangeable. Because of that, do not restrict your search to only one term. Use both when looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your cat buddy. It will give you more variety to look at.

Cat Tower Online Options

If you are like me and are more cautious and like to shop from home. An online cat tower might be right for you. Here is one you can look at below.


Whether you are looking for a cat tower, a cat tree or some other piece of cat furniture, PetSmart is definitely the place to go as it has many options. By getting your feline friend a cat tower, you are giving them the ultimate gift. The result for you will be more cuddles and snuggles and your furry buddy will have years of fun and bliss. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving. Stay safe my fellow cat lovers!

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