Cat Trees Burnaby – Cat Furniture in BC Lower Mainland

Is it possible to find cat trees in Burnaby? At first glance you might think it could be difficult as many pet stores do not carry such large items for your cat. However, cat trees or kitty condos are a great gift to buy for your feline friend. Why? Because this gift can provide your furry buddy with years of fun, rest and exercise. It’s also a perfect piece of cat furniture that allows them to just chill out, and hide away from the world for a while. Yes it is the gift that keeps on giving! But where can you find a cat tree in Burnaby, BC? Here are a few places that sell them below.

Cat Trees Burnaby

Global Pet Foods – Located on 4293 Hastings Street, this pet store is open for both in store shopping and curbside pick up. Their telephone number is 604-291-2882. When I contacted this store, they indicated  that they have a rotating stock of cat trees, kitty condos, and cat houses. If they do not have a particular item, they can also order it for the customer.

Van Pet Food, Supplies and Grooming – Burnaby – Located on 4111 Hastings Street, this pet store has both in store service and curbside pick up. The store’s phone number is 604-294-8933. When I called the store, they said they had some cat houses and cat condos available at their store.

PetSmart – This pet store chain has two locations in Burnaby. The first location is at 6200 McKay Avenue Unit #100. And the second location is on 5771 Marine Way. The stores offer both in store shopping and curbside pick up. Their website shows a nice selection of cat trees, cat towers, scratching posts, cat scratchers, cat houses, kitty cottages, cat box, cat cubes, cat beds, and cat hammocks. Pet grooming services and pet adoption are available at some of their stores.

Cat Trees to purchase online

I don’t know about you guys, buy boy have I gotten used to ordering things online! So, when it comes to buying a cat tree you may well prefer to order something special for your cat online, too. We found the following options we think you’ll love:

FEANDREA 59.3 Inch Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post Kitty Tower Pet Playhouse, Dark Gray UPCT85G

AmazonBasics Multi Platform Steps Cat Tree Tower – 24 x 19 x 49 Inches, Dark Beige


Burnaby has options when it comes to buying a cat tree or cat tower. This is a good thing for cat lovers in Burnaby because they know that getting a cat tree or kitty condo is one of the greatest acts of love for your cat buddy. Is it an investment? Yes, but it’s an investment into your cat’s health and well being! A cat tree will provide your dear pet with years of fun. As a result, your cat will show you more affection than ever before! That is wonderful because all of us need a little more cat attention during these unstable times. So if you want more cuddles, this might help. Cats rule! (Literally…they rule the home. haha Any cat lover totally know and accepts this fact.)

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