Why Do Cats Drool? Questions from Cat owners

Why do cats drool? Have you ever noticed when you are petting your cats belly they start to purr and then they drool? My Tabby does that especially when he get hungry. Is this a normal behavior for cats and when it should be a concern?

Why Do Cats Drool? Because They are Happy!

According to PetMD, cats can drool when they are happy and relaxed. Yes, cats can be so relaxed with life that they start drooling. This could be because it associates your affection for them to the contentment they felt as kittens nursing on their mothers. It reminds me when I have a really good long sleep. I actually start drooling a bit on my pillow as my sleep is good. So this makes sense! Also, when I think about my cat, he is the prince of the castle so his life is full of fun and relaxation. If I had his life, I would probably drool at little bit too! However, when is drooling a problem and when should you take your cat in to see the vet?

Why Do Cats Drool? When it Could be a Problem

The same article above also mentioned that it could be an indicator of a health issue . It suggests that you should contact a vet if drooling is accompanied by the follow:

  • Bad breath
  • Lack of or decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Upper respiratory signs (sneezing/nasal discharge)
  • Lethargy


If you cat is drooling because of the love and affection you are giving them, it is probably because they are happy and content with their life and you! That’s a good thing. However, if it is accompanied with the symptoms above, then it might be good to call a vet to get their input just to make sure that it is nothing more serious. And if you are not sure, a call to the vet would also be good just to make sure things are ok. Yes, for us cat lovers, nothing beats having a happy, contented cat. It is the best pet therapy out there!

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