Cat Trees Fredericton – Cat Fun in New Brunswick!

Cat trees in Fredericton, is it possible? For cat lovers this is an important question to be answered as there are many who make this beautiful city home. Also, living in the world of covid-19, our pets have become our comfort and solace to keep us grounded and sane. As a result, we want to reciprocate the love they show us buy providing something that they would truly enjoy. A beautiful cat tree that will give them a life time of fun and bliss! But where can you get a cat tree in New Brunswick’s capital? Fortunately, there are a few places and here are some below:

Cat Trees Fredericton, Some Places

Petsmart – Located on 1124 Prospect Street Unit A009, this store has both in store shopping and free curbside pick up. Grooming services has re-opened with new hours. Their website shows that they have a large selection of cat trees for a variety of budgets. They also have a selection of cat towers and scratching posts to choose from.

Pet Valu – Located at 280 Main Street, this store has in store service. However, due to covid-19 several services such as the Self Serve Dog Wash and Grooming are not available. Also, it is good to order ahead before visiting the store. Their website shows that they sell a good selection of cat trees at different prices. There is also a nice selection of kitty condos, and scratching posts to choose from.

Global Pet Foods – There are two locations in Fredericton. The first location is on 102 Main Street. The second location is at 1111 Regent Street. The stores have in store service. However, there is the option for either curb side pick up or delivery. The stores sell a large array of pet supplies and accessories for all their needs.


Purchasing a cat tree is a big decision. However, the benefits definitely out weigh the costs. Think of the fun your cat will have in climbing, sleeping and scratching their cat tree? Your cat will be happier and that means you will be happier too! You will have more pet therapy then you could possibly imagine! So take the plunge and get one. Your furry friend will love you even more!

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