Lightweight Cat Litter

Are you looking for lightweight cat litter? Join the club! I think most of us can agree that the one cat item we all dread buying the most is cat litter. Why? Because most cat litter is dense and heavy. As a result, many of us feel like we are getting an upper body workout when we have to buy some more litter. And no wonder as some cat litter can weigh upwards of 45 to 50 pounds! Some of us wonder if we are even in good enough shape to purchase it? As a result, many of us milk every last bit our litter before we have to buy more because we dread it! So is there any lightweight cat litter that of decent quality? Here are a couple that might do the trick.

Lightweight Cat Litter Available on Amazon

At only 5.44 kg, this litter is unscented and has immediate odour control. It also has ammonia blocker which prevents ammonia odour for 14 days! Also makes tight MAXX clumps for easy scooping and is 99 percent dust free.

This scented lightweight litter fights odours with Febreze freshness with a 10 day odour control guarantee. It is also 99 percent dust free scooping. Finally, a 15.4 pound box of Fresh Step lightweight extreme uses as much as a 22 pound box of regular clumping litter!


There are definitely options out there for lightweight cat litter. This is good news as getting litter will now be less tedious. Not only will be easier to make regular trips to the store to get litter, you can even have it delivered to your home. Now that’s service! Also, your feline friend will be much happier, as no longer will you have to ration litter just to avoid the dreaded trip to get more. That sounds like win for all concerned!

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