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As I write this, my little ‘boy kitty’ is snuggled up near the window, on a chair we have ideally positioned there with a cozy blanket on top. (Well, he was. I think he decided it was time for a snack, as a cat does.) But, a lot of our windows aren’t positioned so that we can let him have a snooze in the sun right in the window. And that’s why today’s topic came up – all about cat window perches.

Cat perches create a comfortable bed that is mounted either on the wall or directly onto the window itself with very strong suction cups. Having a cat perch means that your cat will have a new spot that is entirely their own, to bask in the sun, and do what cats do best – sleep! If you have an indoor cat like we do, then this is as an awesome and safe way for them to watch what’s going on outside AND to soak up a bit of the outdoors without having to venture outside.

So, I wanted to share one of the best cat perches I found available for purchase here in Canada. It gets our top spot for Window Cat perches, because it is made in North America and gets rave reviews. Plus, it is ridiculously easy to install, so your cat will be cozy on its new piece of cat furniture in no time.

Etsy Cat Perches – Highest ranked window cat perch Canada

Now how comfy does THIS look? Does it come in a larger form for humans by any chance? 😉

Cat Window perch with super soft cover – made in North America – Made of recycled wood – No tools required! Current price $101.32 + shipping (Prices can change, but this price was current at time of writing.)

All the reasons why this is rated 5/5 on Etsy Canada with over 200 reviews:

  • Handcrafted
  • Made of recycled wood or reclaimed wood – no trees were cut down to make this cat perch.
  • Creates a comfy space for your cat to hang out, particularly if you don’t have a wide windowsill that they can sit on.
  • No tools and no nails needed to install, so you won’t damage the wall around your window
  • Installation is very easy: just unfold the hinged legs, place the aluminum angled profile in between the window and the wooden ledge, level the perch and then fasten the wingnuts. Only takes a few minutes to install.
  • You choose the option of topper or cover for this posh cat perch: Plain wood, sheepskin (ooh la la!!) or warm and cozy plush, or soft felt. It’s all up to you and what your kitty would enjoy the most.
  • Soft felt pads on the wood where the legs of the perch sit on the wall mean that there will be no marks on your wall – a really considerate and new feature by the maker of this cat perch.
  • Since this is a handcrafted item, you can ask for special materials or colours to be used on the fabric topper. Customization is definitely an option here!

Custom Cat Perch – Conclusion

I was blown away when reading the reviews of this particular, customized cat perch. I think it would be an ideal spot for an indoor cat – or even outdoor cats when the weather outside is nasty. Happy cats equals happy life, right?

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