Making Litter box cleaning an easier chore

Updated April 13, 2020

When it comes to the most glorious topics of which to write about our beloved feline friends, the litter box surely reigns supreme. You know, because it is a throne. Ugh, I know that as a fellow cat lover you likely don’t love the task of cleaning a litter box. But, our pet cats need us to keep their litter boxes clean and fresh, as the poor little buddies have no where else to relieve themselves!

Over the years (and a number of cats along the way), I have discovered what does and doesn’t work regarding litter box cleaning. Here are some of my favorite tips and hints to keeping cat litter clean and tidy.

  1. Clean the litter regularly. I recently helped an elderly relative clean out her (angelic!!) cat’s litter box. My auntie hadn’t been able to get down to the basement to clean out the litter, and therefore the box was uncomfortably dirty. I gave that cat – Biscuit – extra snuggles that day for her incredibly controlled behaviour! (I think my own boy kitty would’ve been using the floor as a bathroom far before that.) If at all possible, clean out the litter box every day. If you only have one litter box, and multiple cats then you may even choose to scoop out the dirty litter two times a day. It keeps your home more hygienic, and is a much more pleasant experience for the kitties.
  2. Choose the right litter box. Cat litter boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. I really like an open, large litter box that is easy for the kitty to get in and out of. It also makes it easy to fill. But, that being said, there are some incredibly high-tech litter boxes now that people love! Below, find some of the newest, and greatest litter boxes that cat lovers favor:
  3. Choose the right cat litter. Baking soda enriched, cat litter for multiple cats, lavender scented – you’d be shocked by the assortment of cat litter that is now available for our feline companions! There are also a number of natural types of litter that don’t contain the dusty particles of traditional kitty litter. Anything that our poor cat buddies don’t have to breathe into their lungs is good in my books. I have found that a mixture of unscented clay litter and crushed walnut cat litter provides an excellent combination of scoopability, and also odor prevention. Walnut cat litter is a miracle product in my books, and being an all-natural product means it can be healthier for your cats. Please check with your veterinarian on what type of cat litter is best for your cats, but here are some of my favorite types below:

Cat litter box cleaning is just one of those jobs that comes along with owning – and loving! – your pet cats. We might not be totally thrilled when it comes to yielding that litter scoop, but we do want to keep the boxes clean, tidy and fresher for our pals. When you clean the litter regularly, use a litter box that is easy to clean out, and use the right litter – well, you may find that unpleasant job a bit easier to take!

Kitty Litter Box Must-Haves

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop is a good set to get you started! Comes with a well-constructed litter box with shields around the side AND a sturdy litter scoop to get out the gunk. Current price $24.46 for the set.

Cat Litter Scooper Metal Cat Litter Scoop Long Handle Cat Scoop Aluminum Litter Box Scooper Kitty Litter Scoop Non-Stick
Now THIS is a litter scoop that can manage even a multi-cat household! Made of durable aluminum, this one will handle all the scooping tasks with ease. And, I love that the longer handle make it easier to use – less bending over is necessary! Current price $24.99

ARM & HAMMER Double Duty Cat Litter, Advanced Dual Odour Control, 18-kg
This is an excellent litter choice, as it helps to eliminate BOTH types of cat litter smells! (You know: urine AND feces.) One of the top rated cat litters. Current price $18.98

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