Costco Cat Food, What Brands are Available?

Does Costco have cat food available to buy? The obvious answer is yes they do! And that is a relief for Costco shoppers who are also cat lovers. But what type and brands are available as we all know that cats can be finnicky when it comes to their food and each cat has their own taste. So let’s break down what’s available below.

Costco Cat Food – Dry Cat Food

Regarding dry cat food, if you go to their website and search cat food, you will find a few dry cat food brands. However, Costco’s brand Kirkland dominates the type of dry food available. Some of the Kirkland brands are Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight Cat Food (9.07kg), Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Formula Cat Food (8.1kg), Kirkland Signature Maintenance Chicken & Rice Formula Cat Food (9.07kg). The price range for these range from $34.99 to $42.99. Another brand available at is Satori Chicken Recipe Cat Food (6kg) for $58.99.

Costco Cat Food – Wet Cat Food

Also at their website, you will see that they have a few brands of wet cat food. Currently available is Catit Assorted Cat Food Dinners 24 cans, Purina Friskies Cat Food Variety Pack 48 cans, and Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Collection in 30 cans or 2 packs totally 60 cans. The price range from $26.99 to $47.99. They are currently out of stock of Vintage Moist Range Chicken and Turkey Pate Style Cat Food.


As you can see, their are some brands available in particular if you are buying wet cat food. The dry cat food brands are dominated by their home brand Kirkland which many Costco shoppers enjoy. However if your cat is really picky, you might have to go to a pet store for something more specialized. But it does have cat food and if you are a Costco shopper, that’s a good thing.

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