Edmonton Cat Trees – Cat Furniture in Alberta, Canada

Cat lovers unite! In finding a fantastic piece of new cat furniture, I mean. Choosing a new cat tree or kitty condo is one of the first things many new cat owners do to give the ultimate gift – in order to keep their pets healthy and happy. Today’s quest is finding great quality cat trees in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With those long Northern winters, cats in Edmonton may be particularly in need of some fun indoor cat trees to climb!

Edmonton Cat Trees

First, let’s start off with some local pets stores that you can visit to find a new piece of cat furniture. These pet stores in Edmonton include both national chains AND locally-owned businesses. Let’s go!

Cat Man Cat Furniture

This cat furniture business is located in Edmonton, and they have a website from which you can order. Please note: only Edmonton residents should order from here, as they do not ship. Their custom made cat furniture is assembled using screws and glue, and therefore does not come apart for shipping. They create a wide range of interesting styles of cat trees!


Petsmart has 3 locations in Edmonton, and they do carry cat trees from a few different manufacturers. They also stock a lot of necessities for cats – like cat food, treats and litter.

Homes Alive Pet Centre

I really wanted to mention this locally-owned Edmonton pet store, because their selection of pet necessities is massive! While I could mostly only find cat scratching posts or cat beds on their site, they are still worthy of a mention! They get very high reviews from their customers, which is always very important to us.

Buying a cat tree on Amazon.ca

Right, and then we come to my favourite way to shop – online! From the comfort of my own sofa, I can browse through top rated cat trees on Amazon.ca. I’ve been careful to select only cat furniture that gets consistently high reviews, and that has FREE shipping. So, the cost quoted is all you’ll pay! Let’s shop away, cat lovers…

CO-Z Indoor Cat House

This well constructed cat house features 2 cat caves, an awesome ladder to climb and 3 very tall scratching posts! (These posts would be perfect for larger cats, enabling them to fully stretch out and scratch to their hearts’ content!) This would be an ideal choice for a multi-cat household. Current price: $89.99 with FREE Shipping.

PawHut 67-inch Multi-level Cat Scratching Tree

PawHut 67-inch Multilevel Cat Scratching Tree

This impressively complex cat tree will provide your cats with hours and hours of play! Covered in a soft, plush material that will be cozy for kitty – and includes lots of places to play and hide. Also, two fun fabric-covered ladders to climb up to one of the two cat houses. And, two very tall perches right at the top! Current price: $99.99 plus FREE Shipping!

We cat lovers want our pets to be truly contented and happy. Especially if they are indoor cats, they crave the ability to climb, play and hide. Indoor cat trees and sturdy pieces of cat furniture do just that! They will become one of the favorite places for your pets to hang out, and do what they do best – chill out.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we could earn a commission on sales at no extra cost to you. Thank you cat lovers!