Pure Bites Dried Shrimp – The Only Cat Treats my Fussy Cat Loves

This is it! Pure Bites dried shrimp treats are the ONLY cat treats that little Milo man loves! I am so messed up if they ever stop making them…haha…

Cats can be very fussy about what kind of food or cat treats they will eat. My cat, Milo, is totally a case in point! In fact, at one visit to his veterinarian he totally stuck his nose up when the vet offered him a pill in a green cat treat. (I think they’re called Greenies, those treats. And many other cats apparently love those things.) He sniffed it, and looked back at me as if to say: “Hey Mom, what is this foolishness about? This isn’t a treat. It’s junk food! And it’s green.” I tried to keep my giggles under control as I apologized to the vet for my fussy boy.

So, trying to find a cat treat that was healthy for my buddy and yet wasn’t crazy expensive was a bit of a challenge. If you have a fussy cat, and you’d like to treat them once in a while – this is the best cat treat recommendation I can ever give.

The treats my cat loves are by a company called Pure Bites. The treats my cat loves – and causes him to run with excitement when he hears me shake the treat bag – are Pure Bites 100% miniature dried shrimp. I will warn you – the smell of these mini shrimps when you open the bag is pretty potent. (It grosses out my husband who is NOT a seafood lover.) But boy, do cats love that gorgeous aroma! My kitty boy, Milo, rubs his face in glee right on the package. And this is saying something, since he’s becoming quite a lazy old fluffball!

Pure Bites come in a number of varieties, and cost around $5-$6 for a bag that lasts me well over a month. (I give Milo treats about a few times a week, not every single day.) And, the treats are completely all-natural – composed only of a natural protein (like shrimp, salmon or chicken) that is dehydrated. So, depending on what flavour your cat loves most, you can choose the treat that will suit them.

The current flavours available are:

  • Freeze dried Shrimp – the stinkiest treats of the bunch, I’m sure! And as you cat lovers know, cat treats with a pungent smell can become your kitty’s favourite.
  • Pure Bites Freeze dried minnows
  • Pure Bites Chicken Breast and Catnip – an addition of catnip will make your cat go crazy for these.
  • Freeze dried Chicken
  • Freeze dried beef (I haven’t tried this one! I’d be curious to hear feedback if any of you guys have – did your cats love it?)
  • Freeze dried whitefish

Here’s to happy cats, who get an occasional cat treat! (And one that won’t break the bank, and that they’ll actually eat.) Everyone wins. And, if you have fussy cats and know of another cat treat they enjoy, please leave a comment to let us all know about it!

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