Cat Trees Vancouver – Kitty Condos & Scratching Posts in BC

Kittens and cats of all ages LOVE their own cat tree to play on!

Hello, fellow cat lovers! Today we are on another search for really wonderful pieces of cat furniture for your beloved pal – your family cat! What kind of cat furniture are we searching for? Well…kitty condos, and the ever important scratching post. Today’s selected cat trees have multiple scratching posts, which are very important for your pet kitty. This time we’ll be looking for cat trees in Vancouver BC.

What exactly is a cat tree? A cat tree is a piece of furniture made especially for your cat. Cat trees – also commonly known as kitty condos or cat towers – are well constructed, and come in many styles so that even the most active cat or kitten will be safe playing on it! Cat trees also come with many attractive features that your pet will adore – things like hammocks, scratching posts, or even little cat caves or houses can be included in a good cat tree design.

Cat Trees Vancouver BC

Vancouver is a big, beautiful city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Having visited a number of times, I’m always struck by the insane natural beauty of the place – with the glorious sea and backdrop of mountains, it is a stunner. And, as the city grows and condos become ever more popular, there are more and more cat owners who are looking for the ultimate gift for their pet – a quality cat tree.

Pet Stores in Vancouver

There are a variety of good pet stores with cat trees in Vancouver BC. (Remember that your cat tree doesn’t have to be new. Many people have success finding a new cat tree on or Craigslist when a new cat tree just didn’t fit their space. This is my favourite tip to find a great cat tree for less!) But, here are also some great pet stores in Van that get good reviews for their selection of pet furniture:

  • Bones Pet Store – 181 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC. This funky locally owned pet store is worth driving to find! They have a small selection of funky cat trees, and scratching posts.
  • Woofgang Pet Supplies – 3356 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC – (Can we award bonus points for the super cute NAME of this place?) They do carry cat accessories, and can likely order anything specific you’re hoping to find. This is a locally owned pet store.
  • Petsmart – The only large national chain on our list, is still very deserving of a spot. Plus, you’ll find a large selection of cat trees, scratching posts, and cat beds. (There are five locations in the Vancouver area, so you’re sure to find one within a reasonable distance of your home.)

Our Favourite Online Cat Trees

Right – but let’s be honest. If you’re anything like me, PJ shopping on my big old comfy couch is my favourite kind of shopping. And, with plenty of reviews on the following online cat trees – you don’t need to worry that you’ll be unhappy with your cat tree purchase. Okay, let’s find some options that you can just click and buy without much…moving around! Hooray for lounging, just like a cat does!

PAWZ Road Cat Tree – Luxury Cat Tree

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Towers with Double Condos,Spacious Perch, Fully Wrapped Scratching Sisal Post and Dangling Balls Gray
Current price: $84.99 CDN with FREE Shipping
Please note the price can change at any time.


  • This sturdy design really puts stability first! While not as tall a cat tree as some other options, I love this lower design with a very wide base. This optimizes safety for your pet – the ultimate benefit!
  • This cat tree incorporates a traditional style, leaning scratching post for your kitty! Cool addition, along with a couple of sisal covered scratching posts.
  • There are TWO kitty cat caves in this cat tree! That’s unheard of in a smaller sized cat tree – and great for a multiple cat household. Cat caves are the best spot for your pets to hide in and snooze. The covered cat caves are spacious – so good even for a large cat.

Feandrea 67″ Multi-level Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Smoky Gray
Current Price: $189.99 plus FREE Shipping
Please note the price can change at any time.

Ooh boy! If you want a great big, luxurious piece of cat furniture that will wow even the most cynical of kitties (ha! Aren’t they all a bit cynical?) — this could be the one. There are a ton of features on this cat tree, including:

  • Plenty of built in sisal covered pole-type scratching posts – I count 5 of them! (Did I miss one or two? Let me know in the comments…) And a leaning scratching post to boot. LOTS of areas for your friendly feline to scratch to their hearts’ content.
  • Two large cat houses provide privacy for kitties to snuggle in and have a nice long sleep. Also, playing cats love to hide in these little caves and then pop out for peek-a-boo!
  • Five perches for cats to hang out on – three of them have sides, to keep kitties safe. There are a lot of fun areas on this big old cat tree!

Well, there you have it – some of our favourite options for you to find a cat tree – both locally and online. Cat trees are undeniably a bit of an initial investment. But, for cats who live mainly (or entirely) indoors, a cat tree really provides them with a space all their own to play, hide, or sleep. I hope this has helped you find the exact right furniture for your precious pet.

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