Water fountains for Cats – Should I buy my cat a water fountain?

Have you ever heard of water fountains for cats? I must admit, that even though we’ve been writing this blog for some time now (let’s go back and see…ahh, yes! since November 2018) I had only recently discovered that there are such things as water fountains for cats. Which immediately got me curious – why would cat fanatics buy a water fountain for their cats? Here are some of the things I learned, and that I hope will help you decide whether buying one of these is right for your pet.

P.S. Yes, your pet dogs can obviously drink from these, too! But, we’re pretty partial to felines around here, so we’re talking all about their preferences in this article.

Water Fountains for Cats – Your cat will have access to fresh water all the time

Whether you’re just gone for the day at work, or for a couple of days on a business trip – you want to know that your pet cat will have access to clean, fresh water all the time. Even if you’re not going to be away, a water fountain will keep the water flowing and fresh for your kitty at all times. So, if you’re the type of cat parent who occasionally forgets to change the cats’ water, then maybe a water fountain is the ideal solution. You’ll likely only need to fill it up once per week, and not daily.

Pet Fountain, Parner Quiet Flower Automatic Cat Water Fountain, 2.5L LED Flower Dispenser with Water Level Indicator for Cat Dog Pets, Free 4pcs Filter and Silica Pad
* Comes with 4 water filters, ensuring your cat has super fresh and clean water all the time
* Cool LED lights means that even nighttime drinks for your cat will be well-lit and enjoyable. Plus, this means you won’t run into it late at night!
* 3 different flow types – you choose the water patterns you (and your cats) like best.
* Super high 4 1/2 star rating!
* $39.99

It provides cleaner water for your cats

The vast majority of cat water fountains come with water filters, meaning that the water your cat is ingesting is the cleanest and best water they can possibly drink. We use a water filter for OUR water, so it makes sense that our cats would enjoy that tasty water more, too! The starter pack that comes with most pet water fountains come with a good supply of water filters to get you started, so you won’t need to purchase more for quite some time.

Cat Fountain HoneyGuaridan W18 Automatic Pet Water Drinking Fountain, Dog Water Dispenser for Dogs and Cats, 2L (70 oz)
* 2.0 L size is perfect for cats (there is a larger size available for multi-cat households or larger pets, like dogs
* Easy to clean design makes this water fountain easy to maintain
* Very quiet water pump pushes water bubbling up into the bowl. This is an easy way for your pet to drink fresh water.
* Carbon filter refills are available
* $32.99

This might encourage your cat to drink more water

Whether it’s old age, or just being a picky pet – some cats don’t drink as much water as they should. If it’s because of the water not being changed regularly enough, a water fountain is a great solution to this problem! (Please take your pet to the vet if you notice a change in the amount of water they’re drinking, though. Either too much or too little can be a sign of health problems.) The bubbling flow of fresh water may be all that your kitty needs to drink more fresh water. Some cat owners have also expressed that just the sound of the flowing, burbling water makes their cats intrigued and then they drink more water. Win, win!

Conclusion – do you need a cat fountain?

A cat fountain may be a good addition to your home if you have pet cats. If your cats are older or tend not to drink as much water as they should, then this might entice them to! Cats are completely curious at their core, after all, so the trickling noise of water might encourage them to drink more water. It’s also a great solution if you forget to change your pet’s water OR if you need to occasionally leave your cat on their own for the day or overnight. Then, not only will they have enough water to drink — but it will be lovely, fresh water that they’ll enjoy drinking.

A cat fountain is an awesome idea for some cat loving households. If you have tried a cat fountain, please let us know how you liked it in the comments!

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