Cat Cafe in San Francisco – Whiskers and Lattes!

A cat cafe in San Francisco, what is that? A cat cafe, as its very name suggests, is a place where you can have a nice cup of java or tea and at the same time have quality time with a furry cat friend. It is a concept that started in Asia but has now moved over to our side of the world. And it makes sense because there are a lot of cat lovers in the San Fran area.

However, many work long hours, and live fast paced lives and do not have the time to take care of a feline buddy. Others have financial constraints or are not allowed to have a pet kitty in the place they live. As a result, there is a void or hole in their lives. Fortunately, there is a cat cafe in San Francisco, and this hole can now be filled for these cat lovers! Let’s take a closer look at this cat cafe.

Cat Cafe in San Francisco

KitTea Cat Cafe – Located on 96 Gough St, this cat cafe is home to quite a few feline friend in which a good number can be adopted. In fact, since this cafe began, they have proudly placed 409 cats for adoption! Hooray

This cat cafe does not run as a full-blown cafe. The emphasis is all on the cats, but your visit comes complete with a cold drink to enjoy while you mingle and play with the cats. There are also some prepackaged snacks you can enjoy on site. The website does say that you are allowed to bring in food and drinks from neighboring businesses – Arizmendi Bakery and UpforDayz Cafe (cute name, right?)

The cost for a one-hour visit starts at $28.00, but you can book longer durations as well. If you ask me, this would be a perfect place to plant yourself with your laptop and get some work done. While surrounded by cats! Yes, yes and yes please.


Cat lovers in San Francisco have no fear; your cat cafe is here! Not only you can enjoy a tea or coffee but you can have that cuddle time with a lovable cat or two. Or more – there can be a range of 20-30 cats living on site at any one time. Pure bliss.

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