Cat Cafe in San Francisco – Whiskers and Lattes!

A cat cafe in San Francisco, what is that? It is. a place where you can have a nice cup of java and at the same time have quality time with a furry cat friend. It is a concept that started in Asia but has now moved over to our side of the world. And it makes sense because there are a lot of cat lovers in the San Fran area.

However, many work long hours, and live fast paced lives and do not have the time to take care of a feline buddy. Others have financial constraints or are not allowed to have a pet kitty in the place they live. As a result, there is a void or hole in their lives. Fortunately, there is a cat cafe in San Francisco, and this hole can now be filled for these cat lovers! Let’s take a closer look at this cat cafe.

Cat Cafe in San Francisco

KitTea Cat Cafe – Located on 96 Gough St, this cat cafe is home to currently 22 cats with 8 of these cats which can be adopted. The cost for a 30 minute visit is $14.00 and you should book in advance. With you ticket purchase, you can have unlimited amounts of green tea. Also, if you are a coffee drinker, you have an unlimited pot of coffee for a fee. Their menu has a wide variety of teas, coffee and latte. There is also a selection of pastries and other snacks you can have while at the cafe.


Cat lovers in San Francisco have no fear; your cat cafe is here! Not only you can have an authentic Japanese tea or coffee but you can have that cuddle time with a lovable cat or two. Yes, life is good especially with a feline in our lives. Cat cafes in San Francisco are here to stay and that’s not California dreaming!

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