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Updated on December 6, 2023

What are modern cat trees? A good question! Is it like comparing a modern house with a contemporary look with a older house with its period features? Sort of except that we are not comparing cat trees from the 1800s to cat trees today! You can think of a modern cat tree as one that can fit in a contemporary room, or a home with modern style. It’s a cat tree that has curves and angles and looks more sleek than cozy. They usually have less carpet than the typical cat tree. Instead, they will show more wood and clean lines. It is a cat tree that would fit better in a trendy condo in a big city than a country house out in the country.

The cool thing about modern cat trees is that they literally come in all shapes and sizes. They can fit any size or type of cat. They also can fit any type of contemporary room or home. If you are looking for this type of cat tree, here are a couple that might inspire you below!

Modern Cat Trees Online

PAWZ Road Modern Cat Tree

Current price $154.99
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Cat Tree – Vesper Scratching Post with Condo – Oak Furniture
Current price $159.99 on sale with FREE Shipping
Price is current as of time of writing; please note prices can change at any time.


Looking to buy modern cat trees really is the best of both worlds. First, you buy a cool piece of furniture that adds to the stylish and sleek room you have. Second and most importantly it gives your cat buddy an amazing gift that they will enjoy for years to come. Yes, not only will your feline friend have fun and relaxation, you will have a centerpiece that brings your room together. Pretty cool , huh? So if you are looking for a cat tree, or kitty condo why not go modern? You might be pleasantly surprised. Stay safe cat lovers!

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