Cat Cafe Orlando – Coffee and Cats in the Magic Kingdom!

Cat cafes in Orlando, is there even such a thing? You might be pleasantly surprised to know that cat cafes do exist. What are they? Well, it is a cafe that combines two things that people truly love, coffee and cats. Think about it, most of us love the sweet aroma of coffee brewing. It perks us up and makes us feel good. And if you are a cat lover like I am, then there is nothing better than having a feline friend nestle near you purring away. It’s music to my ears! So imagine a place where you can get your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy it while surrounded by your favorite pets! That is a cat cafe and they have been growing across North America. Thankfully for all you cat lovers in Orlando – yes! Orlando does have a cat cafe. Nice! Here are some of the details of it below, so you can plan a visit.

Cat Cafe Orlando

Orlando Cat Cafe – Located on 532 Cagan Park Avenue in Clermont, this cat cafe currently offers take out service and has re opened for in person service with new limited capacity rules. Because of this it is strongly suggested that you make a reservation first. Due to COVID-19, the cafe has new policies and protocols for visitors who are coming to visit the cats or are looking to adopt. The cafe has a wide variety of coffees, teas, espressos, and other drinks. You can also order a variety of tasty food items, including Croissants, Quiche, Paninis, Bagels, Scones, Muffins, Brownies, Cookies, and Cheesecake. There are also gluten free options are available as well.

There are basically two options to visiting with the cats. The resident cats are ALL safely behind glass, and you can watch their antics as you have a coffee and snack! But, if you’d prefer to go in and visit with the cats directly, you’ll need to pay a small fee to do so. Cat adoption is also available for a fee. (If you’re in a situation to adopt a cat, please do so! Making a home for a feline buddy is a wonderful thing to do.) The fees varies depending upon the age of the cat you adopt.


Isn’t it wonderful to have a cat cafe in Orlando? So many cat lovers today live busy lives and do not have time to take care of a cat buddy as a pet. However, with a cat cafe in Orlando, cat lovers in the area can finally get that cat fix that they need. And what better way to do it, then to have cuddles and snuggles in one hand and your favorite beverage in the other. That is what I call pet therapy and we need it more than ever. So if you are feeling down or stressed because of these unprecedented times, this might be the pick me up that you need to lift your spirits. Of course we should do this safely so we protect ourselves and others – including the kitties! Take care my cat friends and stay safe!

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