Outdoor cat house – Wooden kitty condo for outdoor cats – Luxury cat house (under $200)

Cat houses are an excellent option for wonderful, generous and loving cat lovers – hey, from where I’m sitting that looks like YOU. (And me. 😉 ) If you have outdoor cats as pets, then having an outdoor cat house for them is an ideal way to give them some outdoor space that is both protected, and sheltered. They can scurry inside their cat house when the weather turns bad, or if something they hear or see scares them.

The cat house we found today is a beautiful one – two stories (sounds like more than most of us can afford nowadays! ha!) and with lots of features to take note of:

Luxury Outdoor (or indoor) cat house – Wooden 2 story cat condo – Weatherproof – Currently $184.99 (but please note that price can change at any time.) As of time of writing, there is also a $10 off coupon available, so be sure to click on that before you check out. FREE SHIPPING.

  • Totally weatherproof, so you can keep it outdoors.
  • But, this would be a fun gift for your indoor cats too! No reason why you can’t use this gorgeous cat house indoors. Or…pop it onto your balcony or patio to keep your cats near you, but able to get a wee bit of fresh air. (Please only do this if the outdoor area is totally safe for your pets!)
  • A super cute covered lounging area
  • Totally waterproof roof, for cats who want to perch a bit higher up and take a good look at their surroundings (most cats’ instinct is to do exactly that.)
  • Made of Finnish spruce boards (real solid wood)
  • Comes in two colours: grey (as shown above) or red.
  • Has an escape door, which prevents cats from becoming trapped.
  • The two-level design sounds very posh, but in fact serves a useful purpose. On hot days, cats can decide to either sunbathe on the top level, or when it gets a bit too hot they can go inside the cooler 1st floor of the cat house. Make sure to always leave cold water out for your pets, particularly on hot days.

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