Cat Carrier Backpack Canada, Where to Get one?

Are you wondering where you can find a cat carrier backpack in Canada? Perhaps you want to take your feline friend on a hike? Or perhaps you are flying to see the family and want to take your furry buddy too? However, you do not want to buy the typical carrier which is big, bulky and hard to carry. Can you imagine trying to lug it during a hike? Or trying to stuff it under the front seat or put it on your lap on the plane? It would be difficult to say the least!

No you want a backpack that is easy to carry on your shoulders, flexible enough to carry on an airplane and most importantly, comfortable enough for your cat family member. Do they exist and where can I find one to buy? Here are a few places you can look below.

Cat Carrier Backpack Canada – Locations

PetsmartIf you live anywhere in Canada, then most likely your community has a Petsmart in it. If it does, most likely you will find a large range of cat carriers including backpacks. If you go to their website, you will see that they have a nice selection of backpack carriers, tote carriers, duffle bag carriers, hard carriers and backpacks at different shapes and sizes and pocketbooks.

Pet Valu – If your community does not have a Petsmart, most likely it has a Pet Valu. Here you you will find a selection of hard and soft cat carriers including backpacks. Their website shows that they have these types of selections.

Walmart – When in doubt, you can always try Walmart. And you know what? It might be the best choice as it has a large selection of cat carriers. If you go to their website, you will see that they have an extensive selection of hard carriers and soft carriers that are tote bags, carry on bags and backpacks at a variety of sizes and prices.

Cat Carrier Backpack Online Option

If you are like myself and like to do a lot of your shopping online, then here is an online option that might do the trick for you. Have a look!


Cat carrier backpacks are available in Canada. You can go to one of the stores mentioned above or even purchase one online. You definitely have options! And that’s a good thing because it is always difficult to make travel plans and knowing that you can get a backpack for your feline friend is one less detail to worry about. So the next time you have a desire to go for a picnic, or a hike or to visit family and you do not want to leave your cat at home. You do not have to because now you have options! Not only you will be happy but your cat will love you even more as they are being included in your next adventure. Take care of yourselves fellow cat lovers!

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