Cat Trees for Large Cats!

Is it possible to purchase cat trees for large cats? One would hope because getting your cat a cat tree is the best possible gift you can give them. Yes, a cat tree gives your feline friend years of fun and bliss which keeps them active and happy! With a cat tree, they can climb, jump, scratch and even sleep! Life doesn’t get better than that for them! However, is it possible get a cat tree if your cat buddy is large? Do they even make cat trees that big? Well, safe to say they do! Yes, cat trees for large cats is a reality. Here are a few that you can choose from below:

Cat Trees for Large Cats

Feandrea Cat Tree/Tower with 2 Cat condos for Large Cats

FEANDREA Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos Sisal Posts, 33.1″ H, Light Gray UPCT61W
Current price $76.99 with FREE Shipping

  • Great large sized kitty condos/caves for even large cats to crawl into and curl up to have a big cat nap.
  • Sisal covered scratching posts make this a handy dual-purpose cat tree for your big cat buddy! Cats need to scratch, so providing them with safe places to scratch is awesome!
  • Good for a multi-cat household, as there are two different places to hide and/or sleep. They are lovely and plush and cozy, with a plush soft covering.
  • P.S. We love Feandrea cat trees so much that we devoted an entire article to them!

PAWZ Road Multi-level cat tree for large cats

Current price $84.99 with FREE Shipping

  • This next cat tree by PAWZ Road has an extra level for cats to climb up on! And this one is well designed for big cats – just look at the space it has available on that plush top perch. Even bigger cats will be able to snuggle down and have a snooze.
  • The hammock on the side is another cool place for cats to curl up. But…depending on how big your cat is, they may or may not fit. This is the largest type hammock we’ve seen though.
  • The cat caves/condos in this cat tree have a larger inside space AND larger openings for kitty to crawl through.
  • Extra-large sisal covered scratching posts are a cat’s best friend! Scratch away feline friend! (We write much more about why your cat needs to scratch here.)

Amazon Basics Top Platform Cat Trees for Large Cats

AmazonBasics Top Platform Cat Tree – 18 x 14 x 22 Inches, Beige
Current price $51.19

  • This is an awesome hangout for even large kitties! Very large top perch is comfortable for big cats. And the lower perch is somewhere else to hang out on…it’s good to have options, you know.
  • Again – two excellent sisal covered scratching posts. Well constructed to last.
  • Consistent 4.5/5 star rating. Customers love this one!


Cat trees for large cats is possible and that is a good thing! Many of us cat lovers have big, fluffy feline buddies who need to have fun and exercise too. (We have a big boy kitty ourselves, so we know of what we speak.) So if you haven’t already made the investment in a large cat tree, you should really think about doing so. You large cat buddy will love you for it and you will reap the benefits with years of cuddles. Pet therapy at its finest!

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