Etsy Cat Toys – Our Top Picks (So cute!! And yes, they have catnip)

Kittens love to play. That is simply stating the obvious, right? I mean, we love to watch those little characters whip around the house, swatting away at everything with such uninhibited delight. Whether it’s a random piece of yarn or a baseball cap – anything is a toy to a kitten! But, as our cats get older – and let’s admit it, lazier – playtime may not be so easy. We might have to draw them in to playing more, entice them to get up off the couch and move and play.

That is why we went on a hunt for cat toys! We wanted to find the best cat toys that would motivate your cats to get moving.

Why is playing with my cat so important?

Playing is so important for cats for a few important reasons:

  • It helps keep their weight under control – Yes, cats can get chunky as they get older, especially if they’re not active. Keeping your cats active with playtime is a huge way to keep them healthy, and to keep their weight at a healthy level, too. If your cat tends to be overweight, then playing is more important than ever.
  • It prevents boredom – And a bored kitty isn’t just a bored kitty, if you know what I mean. Rather, a bored kitty can actually be a cat who will end up with behavioural difficulties. Bored cats are more likely to scratch the furniture, or wreck other things in the home. Or, sometimes it’ll even cause bathroom issues, which you’ll want to avoid. NO ONE wants to deal with an unexpected mess somewhere other than the litter box. (Remember that a cat peeing or pooping somewhere unexpected can also mean a health issue. Please take your cat to their vet if this is becoming a problem.)
  • Exercise and play helps cats’ minds – Hunting is in a cat’s very nature. They were made to be hunters! So, when you play with toys with your pet, you are helping their minds stay active and sharp. Just like exercise helps our human brains, it definitely helps a cat’s brain, too.
  • It helps you bond with your cat – Playing with your cat will help you to bond with them, and to develop a closer friendship. After you’re done playing, you’ll both just feel better.

Are catnip toys okay for my cat?

Catnip is a natural herb that causes some cats to go crazy and causes some already crazy cats (I’ve got one of these types! haha) to totally chill out. Catnip is perfectly safe for cats, and some of the best cat toys have catnip in them to encourage the cat to actually play with them.

Our Favourite Cat Toys on Etsy

While researching cat toys, I first headed to Etsy. I loved the idea of finding some local craftsmen and women who made handmade, high quality cat toys. And, if truth be told – I fell in love with one of the cat toys so much, that it inspired this post. More about that in the list of cat toys I found, below. 🙂 Trust me, you’re going to love these too! And your cat will go bonkers for them. Literally bonkers, since they have catnip in them!

1. Blueberry Pancakes Cat Toy with Catnip (made in Nova Scotia)

This blueberry pancake cat toy stole my heart!! I’ll admit it. No wonder the crafter who made it has over 11,000 sales on Etsy!

See what I mean? How utterly wonderful is this pancake toy!? This handcrafted blueberry pancake cat toy is in stock right now, and sells for $14.99. It is simply one of the most unique and adorable cat toys I have seen. Each handmade cat toy is filled with a tablespoon of strong, organic catnip that will draw your cat right to this toy! And, each pancake is topped with three little blueberries. (Pancakes are 3.5″ in diameter and 1″ thick.) This would make a super sweet gift for a new cat owner. 😉 And, tell me if this doesn’t melt your heart like fresh butter on a hot pancake — When the owner describes the materials used, amongst the felt and other materials is LOVE. Awwwww. Support this Etsy maker please!

2. Catnip Cat Toys – Pop Tarts

And, our happy little breakfast theme carries right along with a colourful and sprinkled offering. Next up is a pack of 4 ‘Pop Tart’ catnip toys. Aren’t these so cute? (I was going to say so sweet, which of course would’ve been a perfect pun!) You get to choose the variety pack you’d like best, including an ‘Ice Cream Flavours’ set, or a ‘Soda Pop Flavours’ set. (The photo with sprinkles above is from the Ice Cream set.) At only $15.00 for a set of 4, this is a very reasonably priced way to get your favourite feline some new catnip toys.

3. Catnip Toys on Etsy – the Baguette – Ooh la la!

Or, if you have a very refined kitty, one whose adorable little nose would not even deign to sniff a lowly Pop tart…we have, the Baguette! Precious little catnip filled loaves of that famous French bread – guaranteed to become your cat’s favourite new toy! Again, these are handmade here in Canada (in Nova Scotia) and would be the cutest way to welcome a new cat to the family. And yes, grandparents of cats are still grandparents! Those fluffballs become your grandkitties. $15.99 each.

Cat Toys Etsy – Conclusion

Today I wanted to share with you the downright precious cat toys I had found on Etsy. Mission completed! I certainly hope that you and your cats will be thrilled with these catnip toys. May you have many fun-filled hours of play, while your cat hunts, chases and pounces. Go kitty go!

This post contains affiliate Etsy links. This means that if you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks from one cat lover to another.

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