Travel Litter Boxes for Cats

Do travel litter boxes exist? That is an interesting question. With more people starting to travel again, many want to take their cats with them. However, does that mean that they have to bring a litter box and a bag of litter with them? Does it mean scooping and disposing it every time your feline buddy needs to use the bathroom? If so, then taking your furry friend can be cumbersome and stressful. As a result, you might decide not to take your cat with you even though you want to.

Fortunately, there are alternatives because these type of litter boxes do exist! Most pet stores should have them. However, if you are like me and like to shop online. Here are a couple online options that might do the trick for you when you are planning your next trip. Both are reasonably priced and can be shipped right to your home.

Travel Litter Boxes – A Couple Online Options


Cat travel litter boxes are available and are fairly inexpensive. This is good news! In one zip of the bag, you cat has instant access to a bathroom. And in one zip you can cover it and have to worry about cleaning it until you have reached you destination. No smell, no mess and no fuss. That is what I call convenience at its finest! So the next time you are planning to travel an you are wondering how to navigate your cat’s bathroom breaks, wonder no longer as now you have options. Yes, with this litter box, now you and your cat buddy can start planning for that vacation you both desperately need. Now that is a sigh of relief. Happy travels my fellow cat lovers and stay safe!

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