Purina Cat Litter – Lightweight cat litter with less dust

Have you tried Purina Cat Litter? When you have a pet cat, you’ll get familiar with your favourite brand of cat litter pretty quickly! Let’s face it – we change the litter every day, and so it’s important to find a type of cat litter that is high quality. We want a cat litter that works well and is a healthy option for our cats. Once we find our favourite litter we cat lovers will generally stick with that type of litter for years and years.

We’re featuring a brand of cat litter today that has been around for years, and is a consistent favourite with cat afficionados. And that brand is Purina Tidy Cats litter. You’ve likely heard of that brand, or seen ads on TV for this litter.

When choosing cat litter, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Clump well. This means it’s easy for us pet lovers to remove the clumps, and not leave lots of little lingering bits behind. Harder clumps of litter means the litter left behind is left far cleaner, which is good for our cat pals. This also makes litter box cleaning a simpler job.
  2. Reduce odor – Some types of litter are excellent at removing or reducing the odor in cat litter boxes. The litter box is our cat’s indoor bathroom, so obviously there’s going to be some smell involved. But when a good-quality litter greatly reduces that odor, it gets mega points!
  3. Be healthy for your pet – Less dust means the litter is far healthier for your dear little buddy. The cheapest types of litter can have a lot more dust, which can be damaging to our pets’ lungs. (For that very reason, we really recommend open litter boxes whenever possible. Then, the dust that accumulates in the air isn’t concentrated as much as in an enclosed litter box. You may also find it helpful to put down a few litter box mats under and around the litter box, to help contain the mess.)

These characteristics can all be found in Purina Cat Litter – Tidy Cats is the name of the litter itself. We’ve highlighted the most popular variety of litter below, because its main feature is that it’s lightweight and easy to ship, carry, and pour! All very important features indeed.

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Glade Clear Springs Lightweight Cat Litter for Multiple Cats – 5.44 kg
Currently $18.98 for a 5.44 kg box
* 50% lighter in weight than typical clumping cat litters
* This LIGHTWEIGHT formula cat litter makes it easy to tote the box of cat litter – no aching back for you! This feature really does make it easier to carry this litter, and also to pour it out into your cat’s box.
* Ammonia blocker means no awful ammonia odor. That is such a terrible smell!
* 99.9% dust free! You’ll notice a huge reduction in the amount of dust.
* Heavy duty formula can meet the needs of a multi-cat household.
* 4.5/5 star rating – cat lovers love this litter!
* One of the most helpful comments I’ve read about it was: “This is an excellent product, I can’t go back to using any other type of litter. It’s super lightweight, so I’m no longer killing my back to carry litter upstairs and changing/topping up the litter box. It’s also super absorbent, helps a lot with the odour, and my cats had no problem with transitioning to it.”

And, since you can order this regularly online with Amazon – you can even set up a Subscribe & Save for this litter – you’ll always be well stocked with litter. And that means lovely, fresh litter boxes that your pets will thank you for! And no more aching backs from lifting unbelievably heavy boxes of cat litter from the grocery store or pet store. It’s all good!

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