Victoria Cat Trees – Cool Cat Stuff in BC

What is your favorite piece of furniture? Is it that plush couch? Or that soft lazy boy chair? Whatever it is, you know as soon as you sit in it, your problems melt away! If that’s how you feel when you sit on a piece of furniture, think about how your cat will feel if you bought him or her a cat tree or kitty condo. Your cat will love you till the end of time!

What is a cat tree? It is a piece of furniture that helps your cat to get the most out of life! (Think of it as them living their best life!) Cat trees come with many features such as scratching posts, hammocks, toys, and so on. No cat is left out as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Victoria Cat trees

Victoria is an absolutely gorgeous city! From the tranquility of Butchart Gardens to the charm of the inner harbor, Victoria has it all. No wonder many people move here. As the city grows, there will be more cat lovers looking for that special cat tree or kitty condo for their feline friend. And that’s where we come in to help!

Pet stores in Victoria with Cat Trees

Victoria has a variety of pet stores to help you find that perfect cat tree that meets your cat’s needs. Let’s take a look at a few that have received some good reviews:

Clayton Critters This location is in downtown Victoria, on Quadra Street. What makes this site unique is they make their own handmade cat trees. So, if you really want to give your cat a special gift, then this is the place to go.

Bosley’s by PetValu has multiple locations throughout Victoria. The website shows an extensive list of cat trees selling for a variety of prices.

Petsmart has a couple locations in Victoria, BC. The website has a good list of cat trees, selling at different prices to meet your budget.

Online Cat Tree Shopping

PawHut 39″ Cat Scratching Tree 5-Level Revolving Steps Kitten Activity Center Pet Furniture, Beige Current Price $75.99 with FREE Shipping

Pawhut makes this super unique cat tree, with a fun revolving staircase design for your cat to climb up! (Hey, if you’ve always dreamt of a revolving staircase in your home, well here you go!) Plus there are fun perches for kitties to hang out on, and do what they love most – snooze and sleep away the day.

Go Pet Club 61-Inch Cat Tree Condo Scratching Post Furniture, Beige/Brown

Go Pet Club 61″ Cat Tree is a large, and very impressive cat tree for your pets! Features a variety of levels and nooks and crannies with a few different perches. Including one on the top for the king or queen kitty! An impressive piece with very high reviews on Amazon.


Buying your cat a cat tree is ensuring that your cat’s life will be better. Your cat will be all smiles as he or she plays on it every day. There’s no price tag you can put on that joy! But, you’ll have the satisfaction to know you have done all you could to make your cat happy.