Cat Trees Regina Saskatchewan, Cat Furniture on the Prairies

Are you looking for Cat trees in Regina Saskatchewan? Fortunately, you have a lot of places to choose from. Yes, Regina is home to many cat lovers. They cherish their feline buddies and want to give them the best life can offer. This includes giving them a cat tree or kitty condo to enjoy! So where can I find a cat tree in Regina? Here are a few places where you can look below.

Cat Trees Regina Saskatchewan

Pet Station – It is located on 1825 Park Street in Regina. They have in store shopping and curb side pick up. The also provide free delivery on all orders in Regina either same day or next day. Also, there is no minimum purchase required. The store has a selection of cat trees, cat tipis, cat houses, cat cubes, scratching posts, cat tunnels, and cat beds.

The Cathedral Pet Shop – Located on 2924 13th Avenue , this store offers in store shopping and curbside pickup. The store offers cat trees, cat scratchers, cat condos, cat beds, and scratching posts.

PetSmart – This pet store chain has two locations in Regina. The first one is located on 4835 Gordon Road and the second on 2012 Aurora Blvd. Their website shows a nice selection of cat trees, cat towers, cat scratchers, cat condos, cat beds, cat hammocks, kitty condos, cat scratching posts, cat tipi, and cat cabana.

Online Cat Trees for Sale: Our Favourite!

FEANDREA Small cat tower features multiple levels and that all important features that a LOT of kitties love: a hammock! Also has a built in scratching post, which is very important for any cat for a number of reasons. (We wrote all about why cat scratching posts are vital for your cat here.) And we also happen to love Feandrea brand in general, having featured an entire post just to that company. They make awesome products, and this cat tree in particular has an impressive rating of 4.5/5.

Current price is $99.99 with free shipping, but please realize that prices can change at any time.


Cat trees in Regina are plentiful. This is a good thing because many cat lovers know that getting their furry buddy a cat tree is the ultimate gift. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, your cat will have years of fun and recreation. As a result, you feline will be happier and that means more cuddles and snuggles for you. It’s a win win for all! Your little buddy will love you for it. Long live cats!