Ottawa Cat Trees – Finding them in Ontario, Canada

All cats – from kittens to full-grown felines – love a beautiful cat tree to call their own.

Ottawa – the beautiful capital city of Canada – is a stunner of a city. And, as with many cities in Canada that have a growing population (and whose residents are residing more often in condos or apartments near work) – there are a lot of cat lovers! Cats make an ideal pet for anyone who works outside the home, as they are highly independent. We want to help all you cat lovers find the best and most wonderful gift for your young or old cat, Ottawa cat trees.

A cat tree is a piece of furniture intended for use by your pet cats. But, some people worry: “Will my cat even use a cat tree?” To set your minds at ease, our cat adores his little cat tree perch, and all of our friends who have a similar tree find that their cats love them just the same. If your pets are indoors-only cats, then it’ll be a particularly good idea to invest in a cat tree. That way your cat can play, climb and hide on the cat tree, just like he or she would outside!

Ottawa Cat Trees – Pet Stores

Critter Jungle, located at 1405 Carling Avenue, has a selection of cat furniture, and kitty carriers for taking them to their dreaded visit to the vet!

Pet Circus has been an established Ottawa presence since the 70’s! On their website you can take a virtual tour (how cool is that?), and while doing so I saw a few pieces of cat furniture! Often, independent stores like this one are willing to special order in a cat tree or cat tower that suits your needs if they don’t have it in stock. Located at 274 Bank Street in Ottawa, On. And on weekends there’s nearby free parking!

Favourite Cat Trees on Amazon

Okay, let’s admit that sometimes, just sometimes we are every bit as lazy as our cats! Hey, maybe it’s our mutual laziness that helps us bond. In any case…in this age of online shopping we have become accustomed to just grabbing our gadget to make a purchase. If you love shopping online, then these are a couple of our favourite cat trees you can find on right now. PLUS, they have free shipping!

CO-Z 5-Level Cat Activity Tree Cat Climber Towers and Condos, Kitty Cat Furniture with Climbing Ladder Perch Bed Scratching Post Peek Hole Play House Condo & Dangling Toys

Just look at this beauty by CO-Z! There are five levels to this bad boy of a cat tree, with a kitty condo. There’s also an awesome little ladder to climb into the cat condo (I can just imagine how all the cats in your household will want to claim THAT as their spot!) Plus, a little hammock on the side and a ton of scratching posts for all the kitties to get their scratch on! (Scratching isn’t a negative thing, it actually helps your cats cope with stress, AND keeps their nails nice and tidy by revealing the fresh nail beneath.)

AmazonBasics Large Cat Condo Tree Tower with Scratching Post – 18 x 18 x 46 Inches, Beige

This AmazonBasics triple platform indoor cat tree is a continual favourite around here. Why? It is so beautifully constructed, with quality carpeting, and SO MANY fantastic tall scratching posts for your cat to scratch away on. And, the perch at the top of the posts will be a wonderful spot for cats to jump up and play, or snuggle down and have a very necessary cat nap. You know, if they don’t nap a dozen times a day, it wasn’t all that successful a day for them.


With options both locally and online for Ottawa cat trees – you’ll be sure to find the cat tree or cat tower that is just right for your pet. Always look for a piece of cat furniture that is well constructed, that has a well-applied covering of either carpet or sisal rope, and that seems very sturdy. Then, you’ll be sure of a cat tree that your pet will love to play on for many years to come. Enjoy!